So I got this yesterday

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  1. *ahem*

    Anyone else got it/going to get it?
    I highly recommend it! :D
    The graphics are so much better x.x
    There's a tonne of new features as well, including sending off a Pokemon to be traded with a random person, you don't know what Pokemon you're going to get until you get it!

    Even if you haven't got the game, I'd be grateful if you could share friend codes with me ^.^
  2. This on DS? PC? PS3? Xbox 360? Game Cube? Wii? PS Vita?
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  3. 3ds

    Im going to go get it sometime later today, But im not sure when ;-;
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  4. ^What he said :p
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  5. In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy this
  6. ^Of all the Pokemon you could love, you chose that one

    <Still can't beat the pure epicness of Luxray
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  7. pffff it isnt just me, apparently it has a sort of an online cult following O_O
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  8. I'm starting my own

    Guys, come on
    It's a goat! >u<
  9. aww now i want a 3ds... look at those battle graphics o.o
    I chalenge you to find one thing better about pokémon B2/W2. Please, try.
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  10. What Pokemon game is this? I have a 3ds and would be willing to buy this game.
  11. Pokemon X and Y came out today
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  12. Which one do you have? I like pokemon Y the best I think. What is the story like? Seems to be a ton of new stuff.
  13. Dont have it yet, Im getting X, but I dont know much about the story >.<
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  14. The story isnt that bad, I've only got one badge and the 'evil team' hasn't been introduced yet
    From what I've seen so far, it could use a bit of work
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  15. What's the deal with fairy stuff?
  16. It's a new type, super effective against Dragon type
    They really could have had a better name...
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  17. I have no 3DS and i'm not really a fan of the Pokemon games anymore....

    *Plays Pokemon: Platinum :p*
  18. Ok, Just totaled up my gift cards and it looks like ill have JUST enough for it, not including tax. That is, if I get a 3ds XL, is that what you guys would reccomend? Or should I get a normal 3ds, or a 2ds?
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  19. 3DS XL is the best
    2DS is second best, it's basically 3DS without 3D. All the games and e-shop stuff works
    The thing is, I dont even use the 3D on my 3DS. It hurts your eyes most of the time anyway
    I'd recommend 2DS if you're low on funds, if not a 3DS XL or just a normal one
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  20. If only Christmas came earlier....
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