So how do i do this?

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  1. Hey folks! So I wanted to know EXACTLY what you have to do to make an outpost in the wild. Some specific questions I have are how do I know if my outpost is 3000 blocks away? How do I go there after returning to town? Do I have to make it an outpost, or can I live like nomad? And how do you make a lock chest again? But other than that, tell me EVERYTHING.
    Thanks! :)
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  3. xHaro is 100% right (I'm not surprised of course! ;))
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    This page should explain everything you need to know about establishing an outpost.
    You need to take a look around to see if there are any established outposts.
    We currently don't have any way of teleporting from outpost to town & vice versa, so you need to walk. A lot.
    You don't HAVE to make it an outpost, but you get a lot of extra perks if it's established, which you can see on the wiki page I sent you.
    For the locked chest, just place a sign above it with Lock on the first line. It will charge you 1000 rupees per lock.
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  5. Pretty much if you're within 1000 from EMC outpost and you have built anything interesting, theres a good chance you'll get griefed within 2 months (or 2 days if you're right at spawn). So if you care about your stuff or who builds around you, you'll want to find a place pretty far out. From there it's just a bit more work to go out 5k+, find a spot away from others and establish an outpost. If you need any help or tips, let me know. Glad to see people getting out there :)