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  1. Be me:

    -Buy 2 containers of Banana Nut Muffins
    -Eat one muffin
    -After eating that muffin you see that you have more muffins
    -Temptations kick in and you sure enough eat another muffin
    -Not so bad, you still have 10 more.
    -10 more muffins huh? Don't mind if I have another 1
    - 9 Muffins left
    -Realize you have a problem that you won't stop eating the muffins till there is none left

    Who else has to struggle to not eat all the goodies in the house?
  2. I HAVE A PROBLEM!! :oops:
  3. Nah, I don't think I even know how a muffin tastes :p
  4. I think you'll need to send me some of those muffins, so I can do some testing... otherwise I just can't answer.
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  5. The struggle to not eat them all is real. Makes me want to go buy some right now. Even if I have to drive 15 miles to another town to go to Walmart and get some. Mmm banana nut muffins.
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  6. I once had a problem, then I ate it.
  7. 'Cupcake'
  8. Making them yourself is better thought :p
  9. Wat .-.

    I have a problem, too. I will often go out and buy large/'family' bags of Haribos (it doesn't help they cost less than a small bag...) and eat them all to myself. I do it with kinder eggs (because of the toy inside... jk) and stuff too because they cost like, 20p each :p
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  10. well...
    I HAD a packet of caramel fudge. keyword: HAD
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  11. Looks like we all have problems... :rolleyes:
  12. I used to have this problem, but I've gained control over it :p

    I really want to bake now, but the question is... What do I bake?
  13. Simples you just go and buy more when they are gone :)
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  14. I've made banana nut muffins in cunilary and oh my god!!!!!!! They where amazing and I still have the recipe too!!!! Life just became amazing lol.
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  15. I have a similar problem with Mtn Dew...
    -Has 5 bottles of Mtn Dew in house
    -Drinks one over a few hours
    -Drinks another
    -In two days time asks mom, "Hey can you get me more Mtn Dew?"
  16. If that is a 'problem' then what have I been doing O_O

  17. Mom: "I bought some candy; Do not eat any of it, it is for a party."
    -She won't notice if I just take a piece...
    -Well, maybe a few more. It's still not noticeable.
    -If I just make it look like it's full, maybe she won't notice.
    -Crap, it's half empty. (or half full, for you optimists) Might as well go all the way...
    -*calls mom* "Mom, the dogs got into the candy again."
    Mom: "We don't own dogs..."
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  18. Me: Buster, (my dog, in case you didn't know) I'm going to get my phone. Don't eat those pizza rolls.
    Buster: -death stare-
    Me: Is that a yes?
    Buster: -happy death stare-

    Aaaaand then my pizza rolls are gone.
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  19. My dog won't care if it's there and he can reach it its his he's the most spoiled baby ever yes I call my dog a baby you can't call him a dog he'll get so mad
  20. Same thing with me, but with any cookies or brownies... mmm