Snow on Christmas

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Should it snow in town on Christmas?

Yes! 34 vote(s) 72.3%
No! 8 vote(s) 17.0%
Maybe? 5 vote(s) 10.6%
  1. Hello Emc players.

    This was an idea that popped into my head a few minutes ago.

    Everyone wishes for a white Christmas ( snow on Christmas ). Well, what if it were to snow in town on Christmas day!

    It would snow all over town, even on residences.
    I know some people would not like snow on their res, but come on its Christmas!

    This would be a really awesome idea to be on!

    ( I know this isn't well described, but think about it snowing on Christmas day, in town! )
  2. I like the idea and the spirit but there are a few problems. It will be sort of bothersome, it might cause snow to lay around and it will bother some. My texturepack makes snow more like fog. I would maybe like that at spawn though
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  3. And having to have the bother of cleaning up the snow after? No thanks.
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  4. While I would have no problem with this, I could see an issue where this would essentially be advocating a Christian holiday.
  5. such no, very much cleanup
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  6. there is too much work involved in this for a server wide snowfall, let alone 10 servers...

    1.) Each town server would have to have the entire town's biomes changed to one that permits snow
    2.) Then a complex code would have to be written to always check/set the weather to raining(which makes it snow in cold biomes)
    3.) Then after Christmas the town's biomes would have to be reset as many players have intentionally chosen plots which do not freeze and all the unwanted snow would have to be removed by the players.

    Even to do this for the /town plot with the Christmas tree would require turning on the weather for the entire town, which would make it snow in some areas and rain in others.

    Simply, it's just not feasible to do this.
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  7. I have an idea: I am not sure if possible thought.

    /happyholidays makes it snow.
    /bahhumbug clears the weather.

    This is client side snow of course, no snow caps are made.
  8. Can we get a Floridian Christmas too?

    Instead of snow just have rain?
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  9. It's snow, not a nativity scene. -_-

    I like this idea, if possible. :)

    Back on April Fools Day, if someone disguised as a snowman it would make snow only visible client-side if it came from the snowman's trail. It might be possible, but I can't say for sure though.
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  10. I don"t think anyone was even thinking of that until you brought it up. Not once in the Bible did Jesus say "Let there be snow."
  11. While we are on bible topics, let's ban all light sources since in the bible he said "Let there be light."
  12. There's a night time in EMC. :rolleyes:
    I don't think Black wants to argue with you here about it, talk about that stuff in a PM with him.
    Let's talk about snow instead. :p
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  13. Because Jesus was a baby and he was born in Bethlehem and lived in Nazerath. Not exactly places where it snows very often and if Jesus wanted snow he was born just moments ago, not like he could talk then :p

    I don't mean to sound like a jerk, and if you think this is advocating a Christian Holiday, I fully respect your opinion, do I put this? :p

    Take a look around. Almost everybody is wearing Santa Hats on their skins, some people are even fully dressed up as Santas, people are building 'Christmas'-y things and other stuff that could be classed as 'advocating'. But people don't really seem to care, and if they do, they aren't voicing their opinion. I do however think the majority of them don't.

    Again, didn't mean to sound like a jerk, and if I did, i'm really sorry. Just incase I did, here's a GIF for you:
    Good idea, however seeing as there are just about 5 days (for some, 4) left to Christmas, I don't think this'll be done in time...
  14. We normally make the town spawn snowy on all servers. This way it prevents problems from lingering snow on residences
  15. Dupe much? lol this thread just doubled

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  16. I would like a client side holiday fun like this c:
  17. I know, I was just trying to make a point and a joke in the same sentence, I guess I failed pretty hard.
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  18. It'd take like 30 seconds to code lol
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  19. It would be really cool if it could be done and then reversed.