Sneaky update of sneakiness.

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  1. Bosses(top)

    Bosses will be much stronger than even the Minibosses, requiring skilled Groups of players to take down. These will be more reserved for special events such as the Dragon Tombs.

    Planned Bosses:
    • Resik - (Dragon) - Dragon Tombs boss.
    And.... we're... dead. :p Resik... Sounds re sick.
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  2. How is this the Sneaky update of sneakiness?
  3. Because it's an UPDATE on what the supposed boss will be for Dragon Tombs. ;3 I haven't heard about this until just recently looking through the wiki for any clues as to what will be in the Tomb update.
  4. So it's sneaky how? :p
  5. Coz, the staff put it in the wiki very sneaky like.... :p So I made this thread about the sneaky boss update for DT
  6. h4x

    lol jk
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  7. Oh, I see. Yeah, I never knew about that, and I am sure a lot of other people didn't too. :p Maybe we should get all the moderators and admins, in survival mode, go kill the first dragon. That'd be very VERY cool.
  8. no, this needs to be a huge battle, with hundreds of people fighting(cough 200) on smp1, with as many staff as possible, with everyone that attends getting souldbound battle gear, in the end, it should be the admins, and snr staff as the only ones alive, the ground covered in player heads, davie and shaun go fight, but seconds later, are killed. Aikar and max make time for Justin and Cow, but only last a couple minutes. The two remaining resistance go back to town to a Aikar's button of economy ruining. They press it. It doesnt do the expected. They walk into a redstone block room with flashing lamps, and get their gear, from the first attack. They get back to town spawn, where all the players from that server are now zombies (with a zombie wearing their head) as they kill the last one, resik flies through and using Aikar coding powers, destroys smp1, going from server to server, and doing the same. At last, having Utopia demolished, ICC and justin go to the last possible place. Stage. Resik flies through the portal, and the two originals jump swords prepared to strike, when FREEZEFRAME. To be continued appears and a laugh is heard....

    Pardon any grammar mistakes
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