SMP9 - Doomsday! Device

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  1. After a week in construction lots and lots of obsidian, class, and other materials I have completed my 1st large scale farm in the Empire (gold/EXP).
    With 10, 20 x 20, portal frames this farm comes in at 12,000 portal squares. It works best of you bring a friend to hang out on the spawning platform while you go nuts killing the pigman rain. and now for the pictures.

    As you enter.

    The hall way.

    Where the fun stuff happens.

    The NW corner.

    Yes, I am that guy. one of the 2 hoppers feeds into a locked chest... it fills up with gold swords fast.

    The NE corner.

    Looking back at the hall.

    Swords in the double chests, rotten flesh in the single chests.

    Now for the "inner workings" of the device.

    Finally, my favorite view of it all, the SMP9 live map overhead view.
  2. "Doomsday Device" ... Should I get scared? :D
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  3. Only if you let the kill chamber get too full, then the pigmen can push some of their friend through the glass.
  4. Grabbing my gear, prepare for pigmen apocalypse hehe :D
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  5. i-it's....beautiful....with bacon and strips of gold...(or was it in reverse)? I take it you also have melons planted there somewhere to make healing potions? I'd love to see the spawn rates on this thing..
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  6. Depenmds on wich side you stay in the farm.

    The wheater for today: Raining pigs... :D
    Looks cool, looks much cooler if you can see it, instead of picture.
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  7. Very impressive indeed. Love the eye for detail, such as the livemap!
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  8. I would like to use this thing. How can I get to it? :)
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  9. That's what I like, advice melons I have there not so much, could add a few, suppose I'd bed a brewing stand as well, should replace one of the workbenches with one... Anything else it's missing?
  10. If you're just can't wait to use it send me a chat on smp9 if I'm on I'll show you the way, sorta difficult to give directions in text. Bring a mine cart if you can.
  11. well, what you'll probably need is a brewing stand, and somewhere to plant nether warts on, then people can just bring gunpowder and their glass bottles for splash :D, i'll pay you a visit a bit later
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  12. This is awesome!
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  13. I thought you had found a Deathtomb hopper contraption.
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  14. What's that?
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  15. It was something built that brought /smp9 to its knees lol.
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  16. OK then, today I tested the doomsday device out. I went from #621 in experience gained this month to #27:cool:, and I use it slower then some, alone I have to climb up to the spawn platform for awhile to get the spawns going then back down to kill them slowly as my internet connection is slow and I lag out a bit.
  17. Question for you...

    How far away from this can you be to have it still working? (As far as height). For example, can you be standing at level 5 and this farm is at level 100 (directly above you without moving) and it will still work?
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  18. Height is sofar i know not counted. its the 2 other directions that count.
    So everything above you must be active., Unless its changed again.
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  19. Very good to know :)
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  20. Well from observations using it I can say that the central portals work fine while you are standing on the floor around the kill platform, however the pigmen that spawn in the outside portals do not walk they just stand and look around, I built and extended a spawning platform above that you can walk to either side of to get the outside portal spawns to start moving. I am not sure about the exact heights but the mobs at to great a distance are "frozen" until someone comes into range. the device is in the middle of the ocean on my /entc I can see squid spawning and de-spawning below.