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  1. World Flags Banner- SMP8 PTU
    I have crafted, and build a whole new floor for this and it has 300+ flags from countries, territories, and/or nations.

    Hope you like it!!!!!!!

    Where is it? at /v 17474 or /v +ptu on smp8

    How is the shop organized? in alphabetical order in a spiral shape. turn right at the end of each line and you'll keep going forward in letters!!! Signs will be there to help you!!!

    • Most flags have been made with a blank base for your convenience for copying the flag later, as many times as you want!!!!
    • Bulk is NOT allowed(of 1 flag pattern) if you want many of the same flag: buy 1 and copy it as many times as you'd like
    • Flags will be stocked based on popularity
    • All flags are sold at 21r
    • These are MC banners! not maps!!!
    • Reselling the flags is not appreciated
    Privacy concerns
    I want to buy a flag but want to remain my purchase anonymous, no problem! that is why there are Choose shop signs
    This is an example: first flag was Belize, and the second Bangladesh, all i see is the base color

    We don't have the flag you are looking for or are we out of stock? PM or msg Tuqueque about it!!!!
    Want to fix how the banners look on the shields?!
    Check this link

    Rough timeline
    Late September- started diggin
    Early October- Floor placed and started making banners
    Late October- finished wall
    November 27- Finished crafting banners and finished ceiling
    December- Minor additions
    1st half of January- MC break
    January 26 and 27th: All Focus-stocking- and releasing!!!!
    End of 2017
    Tuqueque quit EMC; BankingClan has assumed management of these services.

    Any other questions I did not answer PM Tuqueque BankingClan also!!!

    Credit to designs: To make these I used this: http://imgur.com/a/3sEhc, some are the same, others are similar due to vanilla singleplayer restrictions

    Flag Day Event Threads:

    2016: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/event-flag-day-parade-june-15th.65640/
    2017: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/event-flag-day-parade-2017.72282/
    2018: Did not happen due to focus on SU2
    2019: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/flag-parade.80611/
  2. Awesome
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  3. Nice. :D
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  4. Going to check it out soon :)
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  5. Just visited and it looks very cool. Also there are some very exotic states like Saint Lucia or Isle of Man there. Awesome job! Did you cover all the countries?

    And, when will you display all of the EMC specific flags?
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  6. i did cover all countries, but i also added territories in debate, commonwealth and other territories which areny considered countries yet.

    The display will come soon. I really eanted to releaaw this asap, so yesterday i spent all night preparing and i finished. That will come soon, and with the directory
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  7. I like what you got, but could you make Native American nation flags please.
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  8. You mean these? http://www.tmealf.com/DH/
  9. Yeah, i understand you can't get all the details on the banners but the shapes and colors should define them enough. Hey if it doesn't workout don't sweat it.
  10. I like this! I have a banner shop but no "flag" banners in it. I've had players ask for them and I've always referred them to the map/flag shop. I will be adding a sign at my shop notifying players to come here instead soon. My shop is @2113 if you want to check it out. Oh! Maybe I could swap heads with you, so I can place yours next to the sign. I've noticed that design usually gets more attention that way.
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  11. bump for flag day (in EMC)
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  12. im soo going to check this out l8r!
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  13. added european union flag on the lobby... didnt have it
  14. bumping my threads, so... soon will be moved out of iUlti res to lessen the lag! :)
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  15. New Zealand has white stars :p Not red nub
  16. new zealand: photo from wikipedia
  17. White out-lines
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  18. Bump!

    Also, Curius Fact: On October 12, like 6 days ago, was Columbus day or in spanish, "Día de la raza", celebrating the discovery of America
  19. Bump! since is December that means an increment in the new members from all over the world so bump!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. USA Flag day!