smp8 marriage is just amazing

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to have a heart attack. smp8 is crazy with all of it's members. Wait.. I'm a member.. *scary music*

    Anyways, smp8 is being the worlds craziest Smp. Why you ask???:

    And, IAmShyGuyNow is being crazy:


    Anyways, be careful around smp8. And Shyguy.

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  2. LORD /\
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  3. Welp.

    Proves that the warning message isn't for nothing :p
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  4. Apparently marriage is amazing, but you also need to be careful? :rolleyes: And apparently you decided to have a heart attack...? Oh :confused:
  5. I am married to Eviltoade, HannahBB_710 and nccoryg
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  6. The main people to marry on smp8 is Bk , Seffy , MD ( magisterdelirus )
    there the people who have married the most
  7. shy married me.
  8. Who says you can't be married to more than one person.
    I am sure there are plenty (I am not from smp8, so I am not the most reliable source for your smp8 needs) of players who have married multiple people.
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  9. I will break my teeth if you start a single thread without this
  10. then i won't cry if you go to to he dentist
  11. *Quick! She's blown our cover! Take her to the marriage alley* Nice thread! I like it!
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  12. That's not really a problem though, I actually kind of like it. Just like I start every one of my threads with "Hi, it's me again!"
    It adds a bit of personality and recognition to every thread.
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  13. :D
  14. SMP8 completely relates to my school ;)
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  15. Is that a good or bad thing?
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  16. Who says it has to be a person? :p
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  17. Yeah, you can marry a Shel on the beach.
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  18. Well played... Well played indeed...
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  19. I've gone swimming with them there squids with a certain someone :rolleyes: I think we're married now.. tee hee. <3
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  20. Its just Canadian Slang :D haha EH!