Smp8 Late Night

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  1. So basically every night, us people at smp8 like to have a little fun doing random activities. Today we went out in the wastelands to get experience and hopes of getting a mini boss (which never spawned :( )

    Lol Basically made this thread to post this derpy picture haha, Ill update this thread with our tales from here on. :)

    Edit: Oh and yes we have a pet chicken named Eddie with a shrine. Anything can happen on these nights! :DDD
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  2. Haha, great fun :)
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  3. That awkward moment when you're the only one not out there on smp8 :p
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  4. That was so much fun, thanks all <3
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  5. I love this! Awesome you guys!

    Even though my main / favorite server is smp2 ("the server with the park", just what I like) I really think it's awesome to do stuff like this!

    I can't wait to hear / read more about your server adventures! :) Thanks for sharing!

    PS (edit):

    Ok, so now you got me extremely curious here.. I think we all want to know: What is written on that sign in the picture? ;)
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  6. Oh its says "Kat's Traps Do Not Destroy"
    She captures creepers and skeletons and farms discs :)
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  7. Cool, cool, cool! Thanks for your comment; I learned something new; so that is also allowed here!

    Ok, I should be building my house (badly ;)) but now I got a new goal in mind :) Its more fun than simply buying all those discs from a shop, that's for sure, and I really want to re-establish my collection of having all discs in the game :)
  8. TGIF. If I can manage to stay awake that long I might actually be able to join in on those adventures tonight. If you'll have me :)
  9. Hmm wonder if you'd let me join ?
  10. Actually, the sign says "Please do not move - Kat" ;)
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  11. Always smp8... :rolleyes:
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  12. It could ONLY be 8! lmao! :)
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  13. no talk about the two super turkeys?
  14. The two super turkeys, ah yes.

    Tojoro, James, WK, and myself all went out into the wilderness to persecute a super turkey. After killing it, we got almost nothing, and another one immediately spawned within a few blocks that wasn't there before. (The second turkey paid out better rewards)
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  15. Aww... I want to do this with smp6! SMP6 Is where its at!
  16. No, Smp8 is where it's at. It even says in the title. ;)

    (And yes. I know what you were trying to say)
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  17. Ugh, I'm super jealous.
  18. More Tales from Smp8!

    So we start our day a little early. Got buried like 5 times when I went afk for no more than 20 seconds. Momentus spawned somewhere, found it when the guy had just barely killed it. Someone murdered eddie 2 from this morning so we replaced him with EDDIE 3! and yep thats pretty much that. Dis is gonna be a series :p
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  19. Sorry for vanishing on you guys, I was Summoned by higher powers. Hopefully more time to join in tomorrow evening though!
  20. So can I join? :)
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