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  1. Hello, to anybody that is on SMP7 with me, please feel free to chime in. Heck, if you are on another server mainly and want to chime in, please feel free to do so.

    For whatever reason, the past couple weeks, SMP7 has been laggy here and there. Some days are just fine. Other days, it is moderate lag to near impossible to play.

    Today, right now, the server is in my opinion unplayable. I hit blocks 3-4 times, and then they reappear, or the past 30 sec of work reverses itself. Mobs freeze and stop moving.

    It is not my connection, as many on the server sees the exact same thing happening.

    When I started on EMC, I saw zero lag at all. Now, these past couple weeks, a day here or there it just lags and makes it horrible to play.

    I don't know if there is a reason for this, if any staff is aware of this, if anything is being worked on, but...

    If anyone would chime in and let me know what is happening, or if anything is being planned to 'alleviate this' Even, if it is 'I don't know, but can (or cannot) check into this'. It would mean the world to me.

    I hate to seem to complain, but I have to raise this issue for my own sanity.

    Thank You
  2. This is happening to me, too. Earlier today, everything froze. Presumably, I thought it was just client-side, but it turns out everyone was affected by it.
  3. Was smp9 not getting a similar issue a few months ago due to someones redstone contraption?
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  4. It is exactly as Highlancer54 said. Just plainly unbearable. It has gotten to the extent of completely dropping connection on my end (my computer is a far way from the router/modem. lose of connection or severe lag causes this to drop). If there is anything that can be done please, please help us. We beg of you!
  5. Smp7 has been getting terrible block lag - you'll break a row of blocks and they'll re-appear. I had to get off because this was so frustrating. Please if you can fix it as soon as possible.
  6. I just dug out a storage room under my house (SMP7) and I had no lag at all...
  7. Just tried it now, and seems much better than before.

    *edit, was good for half hour, but now laggy again. Not as bad as before, but is noticeable.
  8. My res is very lagy, there is no redstone machine in my res that could make that lag. Also at the wild there is a bad lag, nether, a little in the wastleands. The tembo lag made ​​me break two keyboards, and one mouse, stupid block that don't want to be placed!
  9. please type /tps when this is occuring and tell me the TPS.

    If in town, ask if anyone has any farms or other 'large' operation going.

    Cant do much without data
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  10. I've noticed this before and whenever I'd do /tps it'd say 20. But there was obviously bad block lag.
  11. Right, there are times where I get rediculously horrible lag and /tps would say 20 no matter what. There have also been times where everyone on the server is getting mad lag but tps would still say 20. I have never seen it change..
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  12. #BlameAikar #BlameJcplugs
  13. AyeeAyeeeAyeeee
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  14. I've been having this issue as well but not lately. As of now it seems fine
  15. We need to find ICC,s cow farm, there's too many! Server will be over run by cows if he releases them and the server will lag so hard!
  16. Yes, I have had some conversation with staff, and they explained what /tps is. I do not think that it was on my end, since when it started that at that time, anybody chatting could see the lag as well. Anyhoo, thanks for looking into it. Hard to track down a phantom issue.
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  17. Yep :) *Points at Deathtomb* Well I think it was him but if it wasn't someone may correct me. :)
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  18. DT is based on smp9. You have to find the "DT" of smp7. Which so far I don't know :p
  19. Sometimes when it check /tps, it's usually 20. Though I've found it can drop down to 19.8 sometimes.