SMP7 Frontier griefing and restoration

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  1. I've been out in the frontier on SMP7 in areas near spawns trying to give the landscape some TLC - taking down floating trees, filling creeper holes, replanting farms, lighting areas etc.

    If a derelict player has a house or structure that has been griefed I replace any missing blocks where it is clear what is missing. It is usually obvious by what is left of structures, eg fixing broken windows.

    Generally I leave blocks unprotected when fixing terrain to allow future editing by other players. Rarer blocks will automatically protect won't they?

    There is a chance that derelict players return to EMC and for some reason want to demolish a structure they previously built, they might encounter interspersed protected blocks that I replaced doing repairs. But is that likely enough an issue to not fix these structures? I would happily give returning players permission to break blocks and keep them all but I can't necessarily guarantee I myself am still active on EMC in 10 years :) What do other people think? I suppose in such a scenario the player could ask staff to help remove protected blocks?

    I always find it saddening to see a griefed structure just sitting neglected out in the frontier and with so much apparent griefing visible everywhere I think it will only encourage future griefing :(

    I've put a bit of time researching the rules, talking to others, and looking at how others have approached rehabilitation of the frontier. I am more than happy to put my time and resources into it. If I think about areas further out from spawn it gets a bit overwhelming. I'm only looking at SMP7 too. I'd be devastated if I accidentally broke the rules and ended up with a ban so I'm very careful. I do periodically give blocks a whack to figure out who placed them and if they are still active etc but I'm pretty sure that's OK, right?

    It is pretty obvious in some cases that new players have joined, gone out into the frontier, spammed their starter blocks all over somebody else's structure and left EMC that day never to return. It makes me think that players should have to be somewhat established (no idea what period of time or regularity) before they are allowed to do any breaking or placing in the frontier. I also think when new players are introduced to the frontier perhaps they should be reminded that what they build will be there forever so to build with thoughtfulness to others, ie not build big ugly structures out of dirt right next to someone's highly decorative castle.

    There are large areas of landscape which have a long history and have been restored with a single layer of dirt but underneath it is cavernous and empty. It is a shame that these areas of landscape are permanently depleted like that. Since dirt blocks are literally worthless do you think staff would consider giving some for frontier repair? I had many DCs of dirt from digging out mulitple res and I have used them all. Now I collect dirt from ocean floors etc for repairing landscape which works but it doubles the time it takes to repair areas.

    If anyone has an old build that has been griefed and ever wants help or resources to fix you can always ask me, I am happy to help :)

    I know for many people who play in frontier, that their approach is often to have their own outpost they play within and ignore the rest of the land but I feel like the areas around spawn that are messed up and griefed shouldn't be entirely ignored and that there should be a way to keep them in good shape, repair griefing etc and maintaining a world that is welcoming to players.

    I'm interested to hear all thoughts and opinions on keeping the Frontier looking nice and being welcoming to new and old players.
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  2. I didn't know you were in need of dirt. I have about a dc from some recent digging out of a res level.
    Happy to set that up in a chest for you for whenever you need it. And I will work on getting you some more :D

    I am frustrated and overwhelmed by the shear mess of the Frontier. I agree that it is an issue that needs dealt with - just not sure how to go about it, it's complicated. Even just trying to continuously remove blocks that should not have been placed, is a full time job at Wild East - and it has a walkway and obvious buildings!

    I appreciate the work that goes into making the stairways at Waste Spawns so neat and tidy that they are easy to travel. I was happy to lend a hand at some of the stairs, this Waste reset. It really bothered me when I found the base of one stairway covered with glass blocks... I mean, Why?

    To leave all blocks unprotected, as per wiki for buildmode commands:

    /noprotectmode [on|off|true|false]
    • Will ensure no placed blocks are protected.
    • This can only be used in the Frontier.
    The rest...... will require some further thought.
    But, your efforts at repair and renovation are appreciated and have not gone unnoticed, my friend.
  3. There are so many things that make me ask why LOL. Why so many pillars to build limit, why so many mob spawners. I don't even understand destructive griefing, especially to steal blocks that are not even rare and if you asked players would give them for free in a heartbeat to prevent griefing :(
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  4. I'll post some before and afters that I remembered to take because they are satisfying :D

  5. I love this!!! Great job on the build :)
    If you want any help then gimme a shout.
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  6. What direction outpost are you talking about? I thought I had them fixed up ok, at least the areas immediately next to the outposts, not farther out.
  7. I've seen some of your blocks TailchaserMC and could tell you'd done some work :) Pretty much everywhere there were creeper holes, player griefing, floating trees, griefed structures. The basic landscape was/is OK though, I can see how bad it could be without the top covering layer of dirt! It's always going to be an ongoing thing I suppose.

    I think I'm going approx 500 block circumference from spawns but sometimes I just follow my nose and get led astray following trails of disaster :p

    When there are large structures with griefing and the player is still active I've messaged the original builder.
  8. Good work! I'm doing a similar thing on SMP2. So many people either stick to town, or go so far out in the frontier that nobody ever sees them. I think the land right around the spawns needs to be cared for and built on as well, otherwise what's the point of having it?
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  9. My thoughts exactly :) It's almost archaeological at times when you see old structures and ruins and can tell by player info how long ago it was built, who came along and changed it later, etc.

    Sometimes there are 5-10 blocks only left floating and protected of what once used to be a structure. I will build around them to create a structure. I wonder how close I get to what was originally built, probably not very :p

    I wish that mob-griefing was off in frontier (and waste too tbh). I also wish that players that end up banned or who played for 10 days or left total didn't get protected blocks out there that we end up having to live with forever more.
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  10. But if they were on for 10 days and helped make a community build, then their contribution would not be protected.
    Since we never know who is going to leave and who will wind up staying...

    As for the mob griefing. Mojang made the Creeper - the Evil House Blow Up-er
    You will have to take that up with a Higher Authority :p