[SMP6] We3's Final Garden

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  1. This is a leaving gift to you all. I had considered coming back just to reset/unclaim most of my residences on both accounts (except 12058) and make a two-residence garden, just as a final gift for you all due to me leaving. :)
    • Arid half: /v 12097 (I unclaimed it on my other account and reclaimed it on this one). Contains oak trees, pumpkins, acacia trees, grass, poppies, and dandelions.
    • Rainforest half: /v 12098 (I reset rather than unclaimed this one, unlike most of the others). Contains spruce trees (small and huge), birch trees, jungle trees (huge only), vines (which grow on huge jungle trees), dark oak trees, and melon blocks.
    However, I wasn't sure that I would, and wanted to wait a few months before deciding so that any influence I had would have not only calmed down, but also lowering the chance of restarting another huge spotlight to my presence. :confused:
    Farewell. You surely won't be forgotten. I'm also very sorry for what happened before I left. :(
  2. Bye, We3.
    Be where you will be.
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  3. Hey I remember you!

    I hope you're having a good time out in the real world though :(
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  4. Goodbye, We3! <3 Good luck as you continue your journey of life :)
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  5. Good bye We3 hope your life is great and hope that you someday may come back
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  6. Very nice parting gift! Hope we do see you again in the future though...
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  7. It's a shame that I'll never see you again... I remember when I first joined EMC, you and I used to talk to each other a lot... I will miss you... :(

    Thank you for this gift to SMP6, I will value it as if you are watching us.
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  8. bye mc will miss u dearly
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