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  1. Currently i'm taking a break so service will not avalible as well. Also i will not take any order since this post is modifed

    W1ther's Emerald Service
    Welcome peeps to w1ther's emerald service
    Beside my market system, i also offer emrald service
    Please read this below before place order:
    Terms of conditions (Read me first)
    By placing your order, you're automatically agree to one of those conditions. If you don't agree, stop using this service
    If you violate one of those ToS, you will be ignored for 1 week, for second time and foward is 1 month
    Order may suspend if deemded illegal or aganist one of those rules
    • Price are subject, and changed depend on market price/discreation of W1therRex.
    • You're responsible to pay and cannot withdrawal order once placed. If you order and can't pay for not enough rupees reasons, you have to pay order as soon as possible. Excepetion will decided by W1therRex
    • Time to delivery may delay but it will be done as soon depend on w1therrex. It may extend to 2 week but if it take longer, you may need to go to +w1ther emerald
    • Service open/closed will depend on W1therRex
    • Authenticaton is requied. Using someone else's username to place your order is prohibited for you unless owner's consent.
    • Do not use alts to place order same as main account (ex: you order by your main account, then you use alts to order at same time)
    • Terms of use are subject to change at any time, any moment depend on W1therRex
    Order Form/Service Status
    Service Status: Inactive

    To order, click this link or go to res in game (smp6 +w1ther emerald)
    Price Rates
    Minium is 1 single chest (or 1sc). Maximium is 10 double chests (or dc) except emerald blocks

    (1k=1000r) (3,5k=3500r)
    Prices rate will be: (your order quanity)*(price rates)=final price
    example: you ordered 2,5dc means 2dc and 1 sc of emerald. this will cost you (500x2)+250=1250r
    1 emerald=2,8r (64 emerald=180r)
    Note: 5dc of emerald blocks may took at least 4 weeks or longer
    This also applies to name tag
    • Emerald price rates
    1. 1sc= 4,8k
    • Emerald block price rates
    1. max: 5dc
    2. 1sc= 43k
    • Golden carrot price rates
    1. 1sc= 4,8k
    • Apple price rates
    1. 1sc= 3k
    • Golden melon price rates
    1. 1sc= 5,5k
    • Xp bottles price rates
    1. 1sc= 10k
    • Redstone dust price rates
    1. 1sc= 4k
    • Lapis lauzli price rates
    1. 1sc= 4,5k
    • Glowstone price rates
    1. 1sc=8k
    • Glass price rates
    1. 1sc=1,5k
    • Quartz block price rates
    1. max:5dc
    2. 1sc=5k
    • Quartz pillar price rates
    1. max:5dc
    2. 1sc=5k
    • Name tag
    1. max:2dc
    2. 1sc=12k
    W1therRex#9924 (discord)
    Or in game.
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  2. Service has been opened!
  3. So, some peeps have issues with fill mulitipe forms, my apologize. I've fixed that and it's ready to mulitipe answers!
  4. Wither--these prices are ridiculous! 1 DC of emerald blocks for 9k? That's like 1/10 of what it's worth!!

    I'm doing a reverse auction right now, 1 DC of em blocks for 120k...these are too cheap :/
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  5. Fixed those price, reduce bankrupt chance
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  6. I rennovated with jotform (the emc staff application based on that) and it support currency counter!
    Also thanks emc peeps for place order! I will do it soon!
  7. Fixed the link doesn't point to right site
    You can try out new here
  8. done the floor for pickup!
  9. order sent!
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  10. sorry for been slow. cause recently i'm bit busy in rl. Now i'm finish 2 order first, then last order afterwards
  11. the service has been online. sorry for slowdown a bit cuz need to finish order
  12. The service has been back online! Bunp!
  13. What's new?
    Order site (in game) are added!
    But res loc change aren't avalible because........... non supporter

    happy ordering!
  14. I also added quartz block as well as pillar variant
    Also i added name tag
  15. Alright, i'm take a break as well so i'm not planned to take any more order.