SMP6 The Lost City Outpost?

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  1. lol srry but thanks can u get someone to show me how to get there
  2. get rei's mini map , get co-ords , make a way point using them , go towards way point , done.
  3. i'm a member too :( u forgot me lol
  4. SMP2
    Final Dawn Outpost
    Extreme Hills/Extreme Hills Tundra.
    I can provide materials, I am pretty good at mining, and good at mob hunting.
    It would be cool to have a huge city underneath the ground, with cool architecture inside.
    I can help build because I enjoy building things.
    I have never been banned from EMC.
  5. So, where do I go?
  6. ill pm coords dajakoe
  7. hey robot chicken am i in?
  8. yeah, ill m you and dajakoe the coords right now
  9. I haven't received them yet.
  10. Neither have I, and also, what server is this on?
  11. Please, please tell me you're joking/trolling.
  12. Well, I just finished reading all of the comments to discover that it is on smp6, OK.
  13. id like to get the coordinates just so i can view it from the live map (and hopefully more pictures), i have my own little "secret" outpost that i can share coordinates/pics of to trade :D

    all on smp6
  14. Wow. Just wow.
  15. Red text does not approve.
  16. I probably wouldn't be around much to join, but I'll contribute some ideas.
    Server you think it should be on: A server which is convenient for most and has plenty of shops for supplies
    Outpost name: Lost city outpost is a good name already
    What biome you think would be good: Obviously, for a cave, extreme hills.
    How you would contribute: Ideas on the forums
    Cool ideas: I read about someones idea for a rail system, why not make it into a mountain and cover all traces of structures with an artificial mountain hollowed out? it would blend in and act as camouflage. Plus, a city in a mountain would be cool :D
    That's all I can think of right now
  17. ? i dont understand
    did i say something wrong?
  18. This is cool