SMP6 The Lost City Outpost?

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    mega wild outpost, I have already made it on sp, it will be a massive a massive cave in a mountain, it looks quite amazing, I will upload some photos of the main town soon, I just need to know what server to built it on, it will be In a mountainous reigion
    Set it out like this:
    Server you think it should be on:
    Outpost name:
    What biome you think would be good:
    How you would contribute:
    Cool ideas:
    Would you like to help build some buildings and other things?:
    Have you been banned? If so, why ?

    Edit: I'm on my phone so it's a pain writing, I'll update a better copy when I get home :)

    After the dragon egg update the main town hall will be protected by a dragon egg :) as I have 10 :)

    Members so far:

    We need as many members as possible so just put in an application :)
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  2. I want to join!
    The Lost City
    Extreme hills
    I can farm, take down most creepers if I have a bow on hand, fight mobs, mine, adventure, etc.
    Since its underground, we could make a ruin down there and have an entire city sort of blossoming in the cave. Water, sandstone and vines would add a very nice touch to the city.
    Sure. Depends on the building types though. I'm not good at skyscrapers or that sort.
  3. Well you sir have just earned yourself a spot in the lost city :)
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  4. Server you think it should be on: smp6
    Outpost name: mount gamemore
    What biome you think would be good: extreme hills
    How you would contribute:farming, mining, building, redstone.
    Cool ideas: having a railroad going to and from the diff farms and hoisting areas.
    If you help building: ??
  5. Welcome :)
  6. Um…just saying, you should probably include in the application: Have you been banned? If so, why?
  7. Server you think it should be on: Smp2
    Outpost name: High Reach Outpost
    What biome you think would be good: Snow Mountains - the really big ones with valleys
    How you would contribute: building the foundations of the town
    Cool ideas: Giant Watch tower that sees all
    Would you like to help build some buildings and other things?: yes anything that can be unique to the town

    Edit: Robot I haven't seen or heard from you in ages. Welcome back!
  8. eh, i just lived in the wild on an alt xD
  9. Sounds cool. Might join.
  10. Would be good to have you on the team ;)
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  11. Oh. Sounds fun if you want an additional person. Hmu. I wouldn't mind donating some tools as well. :D
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  12. Awesome idea! I can't wait to see the screenshots and of course the final thing! :D
  13. I might join. Need to think though.
  14. Okay guys, every bodies welcome, on creative I'm still adding the lost city look
  15. And I need about 2 other people that are willing to give up some time to come out with me to find a good place for this place, this will also mean carrying supplies. Thanks :)
  16. I will join. Do I need to fill out the form?
  17. I think it should be on SMP6 or SMP4 I don't remember them having any big outposts.
  18. I think we'll go with smp6 everybody so far?
    Nah I know enough about you and what your capable of :) welcome
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  19. smp6 is fine with me! I might not be able to go with you at the time but I can just come when I get time.