smp6-12093 cheap small shop

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  1. selling saplings 5r, glass 5r, 10 netherrack 15r and yellow flowers 5r.
    new items coming prices will change so don't complain if they're bigger than you thought
  2. please buy some stuff if your thinking about it just started out also willing to try and collect materials for people I now sell stone plates for 10r
  3. I might check out your shop. :) I'm also making a shop too!
  4. The glass is a little pricey in my opinion, but that netherrack is a GOOD DEAL! Ill buy some as soon as I can get on.
  5. Is it one glass for 5r or is it like 2 or 4 or 6 glass for 5r???
  6. one can make it cheaper if you want
  7. thx for replying
  8. Please do. I have been looking for cheap glass for quite a while now.
  9. am just lowering it to 2r now also I sell cactus and blue dye for 5r each
  10. feedback really helps me thanks
  11. Cactus is always a good item to sell. It has more than one use. However, I see most shops selling cactus for 1 or 2 rupees each. You may want to lower your price to, say, 3r, then see how you do.
  12. ok thanks will try because I just expanded my cactus farm anyway
  13. alright good. I see a successful store in your future.
  14. cactus now 2r
  15. would appreciate it if people suggested items for me to stock
  16. Colored wool is always a good item to have.
    Invest in several sheep, dye them, and breed them according to dye color. This has worked for me before.
  17. thanks also I now have a small supply of bonemeal for 5r each its expensive but they're quite hard to get hold of
  18. Oh god, you stock bonemeal just after I figure out that I don't need it anymore. LOL
  19. It would be cool if you stocked bones cause they make bone meal for farming and dye. Also you can tame wolves with them.
  20. I agree. Just stock bones instead of bonemeal, and sell one bone at 3 times the price of one bonemeal.