[SMP5] Public XP farm!

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  1. This farm is accessed via a [coming soon] rail at the rail hub. You get to the rail hub by going to the public smp5 iron farm and going through the labelled door. The public smp5 gold farm is also accessed that way ;)

    Renavation planned :) If you would like to help contact _FB_
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  2. Wow a new opening in this wall... what could it be?

    Maybe the new rail to the XP farm :D
    Thanks to GreenMeanie for the materials and addition to the XP farm (see later ^.^) and hamboy14 for the lovely shovel and assistance digging out the tunnel, you are both literally the best EMC'ers
    Now for some pictures because why not

    Work in process:

    Middle of tunnel:

    End of tunnel:

    Also thanks to whoever put up these nice paintings:

    Also I'm pleased to announce that a head farm has been added onto the XP farm courtesy of GreenMeanie!

    It's to the left as you exit the rail
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  3. I would like to add some information about the head farm.

    As many people think that a head farm is "afk'able", it is not. You have to click the respawn button every time you fall.

    Also, I have set up the farm so that if you drop a head, it will end up in the chest and stop you from falling. In the future I may add a system that allows you to choose how many heads you want.

    But this is the most important part. If you use the farm, you will have to click the lever to open the hole. I would greatly appreciate if you guys/gals close the hole in the floor when you are done using the farm.

    EDIT: Make sure you set your spawn point at the bed inside. Also, difficulty 10 is recommended due to the increased chance of a head dropping.
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