[SMP5] Public iron farm!

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Been there? And how is it?

Nah! 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Yah! 8 vote(s) 47.1%
I'm rich now >.< 5 vote(s) 29.4%
Too slow bro! 3 vote(s) 17.6%
Too many chocking hazards, jeez 1 vote(s) 5.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Welcome to the thread for the smp5 iron farm! The farm was originally built and owned by NZScruffy however when he left he gave it to me and I have continued to keep it in shape.
    Here's a video showing how to get there.

  2. North East of /frontier c
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  3. This is new to me, I must check it out :D
  4. Saw that farm a million times but never thought it was public. You probably have a lot of griefing problems over there, don't you?
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  5. Lots, it was the death of NZScruffy
  6. Oh THAT farm! Yes I know that farm, I have only ever visited it via the portal in the nether lol.
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  7. I never use the long route
  8. No pictures or anything?

    Not even coords?
  9. Been sorting out a grief, you don't want pictures of that. All pics will be up today and co-ords ASAP
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  10. Added pictures and public utilities
  11. BringUpMyPost!
  12. Been working hard on this recently, I have (Yoda English.) Some things might be not perfect, please be careful :)
  13. Still no coords...
  14. See pictures, they have a way to get there and tons of co-ords
  15. The farm I was using when I joined the empire lol, brings lots of memories. Is there still that gold farm ?
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  16. Place is looking great fBuilderS! Congratulations on all your work restoring it :)
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