[SMP5] Public Gold Farm!

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  1. Winter is here
    Gold farm
    A Collaborative Build by:
    MissFable & fBuilderS

    The build is open to the public but this thread is still in progress. Please pardon the mess.
    5/5/16 Major update: 25% increase in portals at the gold farm; enjoy the increased spawn rates!
    5/28/16 Surprise! We have Strength II beacon now.
    7/25/16 Fixit update: I'm back and everything is in working order once again; griefing reported, the holes have been patched, the villager and Mooshroom have been replaced, and the elevator has been fixed.

    Step 1. use command /nether
    Step 2. Go down the east path (turn right from the direction you spawn in)
    Step 3. As you exit the protected area continue going straight ahead until you see a nether portal on the left that has a sign saying "Iron Farm"
    Step 4. Enter that portal
    Step 5. As you exit the portal in the overworld go though the exit with sign stating "Gold Farm" above it.
    Step 6. Follow the path on foot or by the provided rail
    Step 7. Use the elevator by looking up and right clicking (or whatever you have set as your use button) on the minecarts.
    Step 8. Enjoy the gold farm.

    - Bring a good sword with you.
    - Please be polite to other players & don't grief.
    - If you break something and you don't know how to fix it pm me as soon as possible.


    The underside of the farm itself (Taken during construction of the kill/utilities area)

    Inside one of the portal sections as we complete the last phase (lighting up the portals)

    The Portals (does not show the new section)

    The new tunnel (there are 3 sections of it with slightly different designs http://imgur.com/a/xius6 )

    The Skittering Dark (farm in progress)
    Main page for SMP5 Public Utilities:
  2. Upcoming:
    1. Gold farm upgrade (Completed)
    2. Breaking ground for the new farm.
    -The new farm is on the rails (pun intended) ;) https://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp5-public-spider-farm.64490/
    -Finish nether rail
    -Secure immediate area
    -Build farm
    -Add utilities
    -Secure surrounding area
    -Update forum page and open to the public

    In the far future:
    - How to use, make, & repair a minecart elevator.
  3. Great design, love the facility.

    However i'm not a fan of the standing to the side to fight.

    Very nice, though at first i just wanted to check it out. So i didn't bring any weapons. I later wanted to kill, lucky for me there were swords in the freebie chest.

    I don't know if you already have this and i just didn't see it. But a tree farm for sticks to make iron swords with from the iron farm would be great.

    Good Jobs to you two for making this public farm for all to enjoy.
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  4. No, it's just me i like to be right up next to them when i go in for the kill. Standing behind the chest just threw me off. So that's why i stood on the side like that, to be closer.
  5. I found you cannot reach some of the pigmen if you stand behind the chest, I'm gonna move it now ;)
  6. Bump
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  7. Thank you so much for building this! Very efficient design and stylish too!
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  8. There are now pictures! Hopefully (I need to find them first) there will soon be links to an album with screenshots taken during it's construction.
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  9. Bump, rail renovation complete and expansion underway
  10. Went to check it out for some xp, left with 68 gold blocks, love the design, 10/10 would gold again
  11. 5/5/16 Major update: The new addition to the portal section has been completed with a 25% increase in portals, enjoy the increased spawn rates!

    I have given the rail between the iron & gold farm a major face-lift (as fBuilderS has already announced above :p).
    With the main portion of The Gold Farm upgrade complete the rail stations will be getting a similar treatment tomorrow.

    I have new projects upcoming so this will be the last addition to the farm for a while but I will continue regular maintenance checks.
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  12. Their is now a villager for trading courtesy of DenZee and "Mooshroom's soup stall" in a room by the garden (egg donated by CallMeTower).
    The addition of a beacon will be tested after the 1.9 update or the completion of The Skittering Dark (whichever comes first).
    The 2nd post on the skittering dark page now contains farm status updates.
  13. Our most requested addition to the gold farm is here!
    In preparation for the 1.9 update we now have a Strength II Beacon at the gold farm.
    Enjoy the faster mob clearance ;); unless you were using a smite V sword you should notice a dramatic difference.
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  14. Well 1.9 has finally dropped for EMC.
    Is anyone noticing any big differences in the gold farm experience?
    My tests indicated that it should not have to much of an impact on the gold farm except possibly a slower clearance rate if your spam clicking.
  15. I think its working fine. The pigmen spawn rate is excellent and I'm definitely getting enough gold.

    My attacks are different in a funny way. Its like the pigmen are jumping rope. When I take a pause between swings, then hit them ,they all jump up at once and appear to take damage. Sometimes I think I'm getting gold faster than before, but I'm not really sure.
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  16. In 1.9 if you fully charge your sword and swing, it has a slashing effect in which it will damage nearby entities
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  17. The Gold Maven is returning after finishing her sojourn in our less then glorious medical system. I see a few problems have cropped up in my absence and I apologize for the inconvenience.

    To clarify: While FbuilderS is in the build credits I'm the owner of the gold farm.

    I'm in the process of having the Gold farm block protected via emc staff but it will take a while for them to get around to my application (it's to close to the spawn to be an official outpost and they go first). In the meantime please report but do not patch griefing.
    I have not incorporated any staff for this build but if I do I will announce it on this thread.

    Who can alter/add-on the Gold Farm
    -Without asking:
    -As long as they tell me:
    FbuilderS (Fb has quit)
    -As long as they tell me and it's minor:
    Dee6984 (Alt: Dee6983)

    -Individuals who have gotten permission in the past
    DenZee (Added a villager)
    CallMeTower (MooShroom)
  18. 7/25/16 Fixit update: I'm back and everything is in working order once again; griefing reported, the holes have been patched, the villager and Mooshroom have been replaced, and the elevator has been fixed.
  19. Hey, not sure if this is maintained still.. but thought i'd let you know anyway, seems the minecart elevator is missing a few carts! :(
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