[smp5] Public spider farm

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  2. Updates:

    Construction progress:
    -Rail to location. (now serviceable)
    -Found multiple spawners on location. (died repeatedly)
    -Assistance needed. (The adventurer is joined by a friend)
    -Spawners locked and nearby area lit up. (completed)
    -Friend request help acquiring an unusual pet. (the farm now has a mascot)
    -Locating all nearby spawners and lighting up dark areas. (seemingly never-ending)
    -Designing for the optimal location. (ongoing)
    -Working on main spider sections. (in progress)
  3. I'll add to the hub
    Also reserved
  4. This looks awesome and what does reserved mean? ( yes, yes ima noob )
  5. I think he is reserving the post spot so that he will edit it and type in more. I could be wrong but that is the only thing that makes sense to me.
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  6. We say reserved in those posts to indicate that we are holding onto them for future content. Some original posters need more then one post on their thread for their content (especially for farm, shop, and event threads); the first few posts are preferable as they are what people see first when looking at the thread.
  7. Will this have a manual kill option to get heads?
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  8. I'm still fiddling with designs but manual kill is guaranteed
    I will probably not be offering auto-kill but I will have at least 1 beacon to speed up the process of killing them.
  9. Cool! I built mine before adding in a manual kill so I couldn't get any heads. Just need a stack :p
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  10. Is there any updated news on the spider farm? I love me some string, cause i love me some fishin poles. ( For da Fishin)
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying.
    The original design for the farm was based on using a single spawner per kill area and to be honest I was only expecting 3 of those max, strung together with various paths and rooms. However in the course of clearing out and adding torches to the mine system we (I had a friend along at this point) discovered a lot of spawners in relatively close proximity to each other and not all were for cave spiders.
    If I can make everything work their will be at least 3 cave spider kill areas and all will have at least 2 spawners, their will also be kill areas for other mobs (the skittering dark is no longer just a spider farm), the whole thing will be strung together with the same creepy aesthetic theme, and I still intend to add some surprises here and there for people to discover.
    In short: my comparatively small build has turned into a labyrinth of design.
    The good news: the work continues at a steady pace, the build itself is looking like it will be a truly massive work with many things for players to enjoy, and with the design of the main spider section worked out the construction of that part should be finished in 2 weeks max.
    The bad new: This is going to take longer then I originally intended, we won't opening until the build is nearly finished, and with the update to 1.9 my fellow adventurer will be item hunting for an undetermined amount of time.

    P.S. I have been putting short updates on what I have been doing in the 2nd post of this thread.
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  12. I look forward to seeing this when it is done. Its sounds like it will be a great addition!