SMP5 Forever Company public slime farm

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  1. The farm is up and running again.
    I took it upon myself the repair it, as it seemed no one else was interested. It had been down for weeks.
    It's functioning now, though the rates do not seem to be as high as I remember.
    If someone on the original build/maintenance crew could look into it, you might see something I missed.
    I have a locked chest in 'Staff Storage' area for future repair needs.
    To whoever griefed it, I hope you and all your stuff fried in the lava wave you unleashed. Was 4+ hours cleaning up your mess.
  2. Where is this farm located?
  3. Don't you have to get permission from the owner first? Or did you do that already?
  4. The only reason I bring it up, is that now the owner will not be able to break blocks you have placed.
  5. Did not get permission from the owner. This was months ago that the repair was done. I did try to locate the owner, but after a week or so with no response, decided to just repair it myself.
    If there's any need to break any blocks I placed, I'll gladly provide the vouch.
    Haven't even been in to check that farm in months, I've got a few of my own now, so no need.

    And easiest way to get to the farm is through the nether portal off Wild South (/wild s). To the east and up the stairs, there's a very long hallway...runnable, with stairs down at the end. There's a skel farm right at the bottom, and the slime farm is just a little further down the hallway and to the left. It's called Frozen slime farm, but ForeverMaster
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  6. I know you were trying to help but what you did was against the rules. You need to notify Forever. I know he is on quite a lot and it should not be a problem to message him in game.
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  7. This is just my 2 cents: it was a case of bending the rules, not breaking, there is a difference in my opinion: the intention of the rules (prevent griefing) was fully followed here. The OP didn't grief, but he did the exact opposite.

    That doesn't mean I don't agree of course, I also suggest that the OP tries to contact the original builder. If that is ForeverMaster0 then I can concur: they are quite regularly online (and you can also PM them on the forums).

    Do you know of GRIP? Follow the link (no worries: it'll lead you to another forum post) and you'll see: we're a group of players who try to refund players who have been griefed. Not only that, it is also our policy to always help out public farms whenever we can. So if you're in need of some material for repairs then please let us know!

    And on that subject: GRIP is also providing free protection (protection fee refunds) for public farms as well, please see this post:

    Maybe that can also help you guys out with this farm. If so: please let us know!
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  8. Just curious...why has this all of a sudden become an issue?
    I posted this originally over 6 months ago, and got a whole two likes from it, and no responses in the thread on it. It was back when I'd just started on the server, didn't know all the unwritten rules, and decided to help out. At the time, I didn't know how to track down the owner of a build, but I did follow up with some of the players that had locked chests in the farm. After a week of no responses, I decided to fix it myself. I know ForeverMaster0 now, but at the time I didn't. We've conversed a few times in Town chat, and he never mentioned any issue with my actions.

    So again, why is everyone jumping on this now...after 6 months, when even the owner hasn't made an issue out of it?

    PS. I've just contacted ForeverMaster0 directly to make him aware of this thread, as I'm not sure he saw it when it was originally posted. If ownership of blocks becomes an issue, I'm more than willing to do whatever necessary to rectify it.

    PPS. I've heard about GRIP, and done a little reading on it - it's a good service. For myself, I have plenty of surplus and rupees, so I don't mind funding repairs on public farms and utilities myself...none of them have been too costly. Give me a little more time, and I'll introduce some new public farms/utilities that I've created.
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  9. Well, first: we're not really making an issue out of it (at least that's not how I perceive this) but we're simply warning you about the rules which are in place. I don't think there's any problem here, and to quote the staff: each case is different. But it is important to keep in mind.

    Why now? Well, this is the first time I saw this thread ;)
  10. u did the right thing i would just contact forever master he would probably love to hear u fixed it
  11. I've gotten the messages. Thank you.

    While I'll be discounting development on Frozen Slime, I've considered making a new and better farm one day.;)
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  12. Dang me and my friends just half finished a slime farm xD