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  1. Before any of you start, this is NOT a thread to say 'smp1 rulez' or list bad things about Smp5 but rather to discuss how good 5 is and share screenshots and such
    I will add some pictures later today
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  2. =D. Guess who's taking more photos?

    [Reserved for photos]

    SMP6 was my first server, but I quickly moved over to smp5 on my first day, due to the lack of people online. However, I did not think that it was a terrible time for everyone else, since I joined at my lunchtime = EMC time 12:00 am. Since then, I've stuck with SMP5, met some really awesome, and kind friends, and also some great community.
  3. It is my original server. TheController had a great shop back then. (10030?)
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  4. Shavingfoam has a really nice shop (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
  5. Well, SMP5 is also home of GRIP, the organization set up with the idea in mind to help griefed players out :)
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  6. I think I'm about to relocate to smp5. gonna explore a bit and make up my mind :p
  7. /nether, turn right and follow that down. On the left after 100 blocks or so you can find the public iron farm
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  8. Nothing better then 5.
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  9. >.> i was going to sacrifice smp5 as the smp which my character leaves town to explore the frontier xD
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  10. =D
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  11. fBuilderS is on smp5. Need I say more.
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  12. Not really
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  13. Rude
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  14. This probably wasn't meant to be rude, just as an example/posing a question, but you should read over things like this before you actually post them. This could be taken as rude if you read it a certain way.
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  15. Yes, I think this dude must have not been trying to come across as so classless. He probably just has a difficult time putting the right words together.
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  16. Or...
    Do /nether , turn right, into the nether portal and BAM, you're in the end.
  17. Yes, he had good shop but remember buttros's shop basically a modern day todd_vinton shop on smp5.

    Anyways "smp5 till I die" member always a good community there. We are a little weird at times but you get used to it then let's not forget the ever so changing moon is on there. ;p
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  18. hi guys I am on smp5 and really new know any really big shops?
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  19. shavingfoam is great /v 11372
  20. thanks ill check him out does he buy/sell animals?