smp4 project update & thanks

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  1. So, as many of you know we have been working hard on the smp4 project! We have made some progress, and still working on materials! We have had a lot of help, but we still need more! We are hoping to have the wall around the residences started this week. We currently have the materials to get started, but not enough to finish! With that being said, feel free to contact R0bbieJo, Tinkerbell28, Nickbowhunter, and Ob1bob69 if you would like to help!
    Thanks goes to:
    Ben_taylor10 for all the fire resist potions! ( see pictures)
    Apocraphan for all the materials and tools you have given!
    firelor for being silly! j/k for all the help mining!
    Stormboy231 for all the donations!
    Devil_meet for all the donations!
    Shadyshannon for all the quartz!
    Cadgamer101 for doing all kinds of things for us!
    Silkenthread for the awesome prices on material and the donations!
    Creeper655 for all the donations!
    5star for fire pots and donations!
    If i have forgotten anyone I am sorry.

    Now some pictures!

  2. Tink next time you go out there, can you /p me and then if Im on go to that server and hit me up with a PM, I would love to go with you guys.
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  3. 2013-06-03_18.14.57.png I want to thank ben taylor who gave us all the fire pots or I and tinkerbell would be crisper than potato chips!!!
  4. I am a lava magnent
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  5. Question for y'all:
    When i go to the residence, it takes me FOREVER to donate very little items because i lag like crazy. Would it be ok if i set up some access chests at my residence and one of you guys come over and collect the items?
  6. Besides quartz what else does the project need?
    (On a side note I put a DC of cobble in the smelters, enjoy :) [told me to tell someone....])
  7. Sure, just pm me when you want it picked up, I will get it and store it in it's proper place.
  8. Thanks :3
  9. Yo! Quartz supplement is mah job!
  10. We also need Clay! I love the block it makes and the contrast to White is awesome.... so if you have clay or you want to go diving for awhile see OB1 or Nickbowhunter nd they can get you a Good Helmet for the job!
    Quartz will be the major need for awhile!
    Glowstone also
    Iron will also continue to be a huge need throughout the project so that is always a welcome help!
  11. You all really have no idea HOW TRUE this statement is.... LOL
    We have Tucker there now too.... Dear God Help Us! lol
  12. Were all on tucker duty! Lol. I truly only survive because of the fire pots! :) but yes stew, clay blocks would be amazing! Ob1bob69 or Nickbowhunter can definatley get you the helmet and shovel you need for clay! That would be amazing, maybe R0bbieJo and I will join you one day this week and help you!
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  13. Would clay balls be ok?
  14. Can i help?
    I just dont know what the proj is xD
  15. Yea clay is NOT fun, I mined a DC not too long ago and it sells really well, I think I will stick with quartz mining for yall, because ghasts are friends not food.
  16. Don't know if you know this but clay balls can be used to make clay blocks much like stone can make stone brick
  17. I could just silkify ur shovel for you....
  18. To do list for project smp4:
    * Ice
    * Clay Blocks

    Anything else that wouldnt take either sand or sandstone? as well as jungle logs and netherbrick?
  19. Clay balls will be fine.
  20. Here is the Thinking You ALL Need to have....
    "Wow... this could be cool in the project and if not they can sell it to get what they need"
    .... So We Will Take It ALLLLL.... LOL


    Sooner or later we will need it all so just drop it off or tell OB1 where to come get it :)
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