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Why is BlackKnight1021 the base leader?

because he said so... 18 vote(s) 33.3%
BrenJone thought it would be funny 18 vote(s) 33.3%
Black feels ready for the responsibility 18 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. From much collaboration from BlackKnight1021, BrenJone, and myself, the Crew I lead is creating an outpost!
    From the South of the South Frontier Outpost of Smp4, the crew will be making a wild base.
    The base is the right place to exercise the value of earning your keep.

    The Outpost will have:
    • A community iron farm
    • Provisional payments to crew members
    • An opportunity to expand the borders and create private business
    • A fine cooperation of crew members to make up our Community!
    The land we will live on can be seen below on the map. This area is south of the south outpost.
    The Outpost territory is in red. The first city is in blue.
    Approximate Coordinates are shown in the top left corner of this map

    The Outpost has a Constitution made for it as well, drafted by Luckygreenbird, revised by BrenJone and BlackKnight1021

    To join the Crew, please fill this form out below:
    What are you good at?:
    Will you be loyal to BlackKnight1021 as your base leader?:
    Do you agree to the Constitution and accept possible further change?:
    Current members are listed here:

    Luckygreenbird, Captain
    BrenJone, Quarter Master
    BlackKnight1021, Base Leader
    flamingpotato42 (moranwill)

    Please feel free to pm me with errors in the Constitution
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  2. IGN: hencat13
    What are you good at?: redstone or building
    Are you interested in Private Business, Community, or both?: community
    Do you agree to the Constitution?: yea
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  3. Welcome Aboard!
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  4. You do understand that your crew doesn't not only own that land right?

    Say I want to go mining and I think that's a nice spot, I have full right to go there and mine as long as I wish.
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  5. yeah, of course, but if someone is already in the area you'll want to have to ask them so they don't get mad for possible griefing
    edit: the borders and such will just be "city limits" which affects people already in the crew, not people who show up there
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  6. I'm not saying im going there or saying I'm grieving just giveing a example
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  7. Alright I'm already involved in a lot of other outposts so may as well do this. Sounds cool.
    Ign. Dr_Hacksaw
    Good at: mining, infrastructure
    Interested in. Both
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  8. I kinda think posting the coordinates of your outpost is the best way to get grieffed. Not saying i grief but im just saying that was a bad idea if you want to secure the safety of you outpost and crew.
  9. It takes roughly 20 minutes real time to get to our base, that discourages most griefers, but if someone does come to grief it, oh well, its part of life, but i like to keep a little bit of faith in the EMC community
  10. Welcome Aboard!
    I'm am glad you could come to join us despite having other community relations. We appreciate that you want to be a part of our hospitable community. Feel free to pm Black or I if you have questions, otherwise we might be in game where we can speak there. ;)

    Adding to the crew list...
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  11. hey your risk, live long and prosper
  12. Is it not the the nature of the pirating lot? Thanks though. :p
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  13. Bump, we still have a lot of land left for people to live on
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  14. about how far out is the outpost form spawn?
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  15. Roughly 5000 blocks from the south outpost, give or take a couple hundred blocks
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  16. thats what i wanted to know
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  17. IGN: spidey329
    What are you good at?: being awesome, mineing, building, im accurate with a bow :D
    Are you interested in Private Business, Community, or both?: both
    Do you agree to the Constitution?: yea
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