SMP2 spawn cleaning project show off (Except it got out of hand)

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  1. yo
    i wanted to do a spawn cleanup project and saw smp2 had some potential
    I went and removed an extreme hill that was blown up to hell and destroyed and flattened the terrain and cleaned it up
    and then I had a nice clean space and said hey whats the best way to preserve it
    build something here
    one thing lead to another
    and today marks the completion of the exterior of the build
    now I just need the inside and the gardens in front

    idk how to embed pictures correctly :(

    you can visit it by going to "/frontier center" and then walking west for about 2 seconds

    bonus points to whoever can identify what building this is based on :D
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  2. Took the alt out and looked around. I like it and yeah the best way to preserve something oddly enough is to utilize it for something. Can't wait to see the gardens and maybe a giant fountain out front in the center of the garden. A place like that needs a tennis court and pool, just fyi if you're looking to add things.
  3. Fountains will definitely be a part of it. Pools and stuff also. Tennis court I'll have to see what kind of room I can find, the backyard is a little cramped :p
  4. Looks Great! Can't wait to see it finished :D
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  5. The louve? (not sure if i spelled that right :p)
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  6. You know, its actually surprisingly close, minus the pyramid in the middle. But nope! You'll know if you see it. I was trying to make it as close as possible., the shape and number of windows etc are all exactly the same.
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  7. I'm out here now and I gotta say I am impressed! Let me know if you need any help with the area or materials! I'm trying to get back into EMC some more and projects like these are always fun!
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  8. Thanks for the offer, the area is pretty good but I might have to take you up on materials at some point as I'm running myself dry very fast. For now though I'm doing okay I think. Thanks!
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  9. Sounds good! Whenever you think you need some materials let me know when you need it by and how much and I'll try and have it a day early!
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  10. Omg what an amazing project/fixxer upper! I was planning on doing something like this but for the horrifying nether Slabbing it up and taking out some of the fires so its at least a possibility of making easy access to some of the nether entrances
  11. That's impressive
  12. It looks awesome! Really nicely done. And on my home server of SMP2 too, win-win :)

    Say, if you need (or could use) some mats then drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do. Got access to quite a collection of materials which purpose has always been to help out the EMC community somehow and I think projects such as these are very well deserving of that. I'd rather see that stuff put to use than gather fictional dust :)

    Not to worry, I do ;) (yeah, that's a very "helpful" comment eh? :D ).

    So, how do we get here?
    • Go to your Imgur images page (using the menu in the upper right corner) and click on the image you just uploaded.
    • You will get a menu as shown above, click on the copy button which I marked.
      • If the button doesn't work then you can also copy the full link yourself.
    • Now simply paste the link in your message, it will have the required [img][/img] tags included so your image will show in your message itself.
    Hope this can help.
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  13. I don't think you need the "img" tags, I've never used them, and when I did they didn't work...
  14. The only time they won't work is if your link isn't a direct one. In my screenshot above the "Image link" wouldn't work (it has no extension) but "Direct link" would because it ends with .png. Sometimes computers (and forum software) is picky like that ;)
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  15. Aha! Thank you. Fixed the original post.

    Also, for everyone offering up materials, wow, I am blown away by all y'alls generosity. However, I decided to sell a few promos of mine to try to pay for the materials. Maybe soon I'll make a post saying what I need and I'll try to buy the stuff off you, because I do feel bad about taking so much charity for something so big and expensive (like, 800K worth of quartz already into this lol)
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  16. That's incredible! I might have to have you come build for me :p I love how you decided to take the time and not only make the frontier look better but also put a grand build for players to see! I will definitely be checking it out for sure!
  17. At least for me don't worry about it! Helping me get back into EMC is payment enough!
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  18. That looks wonderful :) Fantastic job!
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  19. Well done! :) I'm looking forward to seeing the garden. And I'm hoping you're not in trouble for griefing. ;)
  20. Haha yeah, plot twist, that Swiss cheese looking mountain was actually someone’s interpretive art project and I just deleted it :p
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