SMP2 Public Utilities

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  1. SMP2 Public Utilities

    SMP2 Public Utilities is a small
    group that builds mega farms
    in the wild on SMP2 for players to enjoy.

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  2. Projects:
    23*23 Gold Farm (Titan)
    /wild n and head east (136 -9982) -Complete-

    20*20 Iron Farm (Titanic)
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  3. Helpers:
    Tahitan (Founder)

    (PM Me If You Want To Help)
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  4. Items We Need:
    Red Stone Sand
    Red Stone Sand Stairs
    (PM Me Or Talk To Me In-Game To Sell It Or Donate)

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  5. News:
    If You Are Good In Building Iron Farms
    I Am In Need Of Help. I Would
    Appreciate a PM Or A Chat In-Game!!!
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  6. I would be able to give some tips, and any help if you need help, but cant build, have too much on my plate right now.....
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  7. Thank You Very Much We Appreciate All Help To Make Our Farms Better For The Community.
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  8. I am so happy to see more public utilities! Congrats :D
  9. Good to see more servers stepping up and creating more of these farms. :)
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  10. BUMP,
    Starting To Build (Titanic) Iron Farm!!!
  11. i would like to help building the iron farm. i watched xisuma's iron titan i believe.and it was great on the hermitcraft
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  12. Thank you a lot, I would definitely need some help if you are interested you could already get the materials.
  13. I have built an iron titan on EMC, and I wound up tearing it down. The time you have to wait between placing doors to prevent village merging is unpredictable. It is do-able, but it is also crazy time consuming and materials expensive. Additionally, the iron titan is insanely easy to break (can even break it by accident easily). Grief proofing it would be utterly impossible.
    After many iron farm experiments and builds in addition to visiting several builds by others, I've chosen Finch's design as the winner. When I get time for it, that will be the smp8 public wild utilities iron farm build. If you want more information on it, I think Finch did a tutorial for it, and if not, I can probably dig up some screen shots. Hope that information is helpful.
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  14. It looks like the Gold Farm has been griefed. I pluged a couple of the obvious holes with dirt blocks because I wasn't sure what needed to be done to fix it but wanted to keep the pigmen from getting out. I'll be back online at the North Wild Outpost in a couple of hours.
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  15. Thank you for your help, I will try my best to keep an eye on that gold farm.
  16. Titan (Gold Farm) Has been Officially opened again, After a couple of griefs and some issues with the structure we can all say we fixed it together. Thanks SMP2, I couldn't have done it without you all. Enjoy this farm, The location is /wild n on SMP2 and head east.
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  17. I'm on SMP2 most of the time, I'll try to help keep an eye on it.
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  18. Thank you :D We appreciate it
  19. Its great to see this type off service being offered. I was making places in SMP1 for everyone with free food, rooms and safety. Also whatever was available in the public swap chests. I made some with a mine that had smelting facilities and one dock for hanging out and fishing that I tried to keep stocked with fishing poles and boats. The problem was griefers started cleaning everything out even started taking apart the fishing dock. T he place out in the wild had an underground farm for lots of food, animal pens and trees for wood all safe in a cozy underground hangout. I would go and work it to fill the chests with food for whoever came by and needed some but everytime I came out it seemed it had been raided and all animals killed the cool decorations taken. I put up signs from the beginning so people knew what it was....a community rest and safe place.... they just did not care, it was just a place to loot and pillage.

    I kept fixing and rebuilding for about a month and got staff involved and they said people were banned for it but it was depressing. Seeing that others are doing a similar thing for the community shows me that their may be hope yet. I might start putting my little rest stops up again.

    Keep up the good work guys!
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  20. Thanks again Community we have had many griefs and this magnificent community helped me through these tough situations and I thank you all. With our new project coming-up we will need more support and I hope this community can help me and Ofcourse help the farms.
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