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  1. Hello, fellow citizens of the world! Do you have a strong passion for a country? Do you want to have a say in what countries need more/less of? Do you want to be part of something stupid, ridiculous, and fun? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the League of Nations is probably for you! Located on Empire Minecraft's SMP2, residence 3055, the League of Nations is a partial copy of the actual United Nations and is based off of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's idea for world peace after WWI. Enough business talk, let's get into the awesome part! We have monthly/bi-monthly meetings, which feature real world affairs between countries, storytime :O and PARTIES! We have auctions for enchanted items, 2 double chests of storage per country, and lots, lots MORE! You might be thinking, "Nice, how do I join?" Well, the answer is donations! Just donate 1 stack of Oak Planks or 8 pieces of Glowstone in the main lobby of the LoN! (EDIT: these are removed, and are replaced with Droppers. Also, you do not have to donate in order to join). All you have to do is ask me in-game or ask on the thread here. More info will be updated as needed...

    [NOTE] If you would like to be promoted to a higher ranking in the LoN (perks will be talked about during the first meeting), please add the League of Nations BBCode achievement in your signature (doesn't have to be visible, just in there). Copy and paste the image as a picture in your signature! (Members start at level 1, and get moved up under certain conditions.)

    Note: If you would like to offer a suggestion, please post it on the thread here. All suggestions asked in-game before posted on the thread will be ignored and possibly rejected.
    1. Jake_bagby: Countries having two representatives instead of 1
    2. New signature as stated here

    Note: The countries below are not the only countries available. They are only to inform you if a country has been taken or not.
    France - 5chris100
    Thailand - Inuyasha1204
    Australia - runtaylorun1
    Italy - eklektoi
    Sparta - rex35577
    Madagascar - 333kirby
    America - shade554
    Ireland - lemonade54
    Brazil - ItsMeMatheus
    Egypt - puprocker88
    Poland - BuildmasterGT
    Russia - Gamer_4ever_
    Czech - RainbowChin
    Austria - DaFlamingTaco
    Germany - DaJaKoe
    New Zealand - Not Available
    Swaziland - CrypticBread2
    Greenland - MotorBurn
    England (Great Britain) - Not Available
    Turkey - gooddumbdog
    Wales - Jake_bagby
    Israel - darksuperlord
    Japan - jacob5089
    China - G_Thang27
    North Korea - Witsy
    Canada - frost_man120
    Chile - kevdudeman
    Colombia - moyaboya
    Belgium - penfoldex
    Northern Ireland - 72Volt
    Spain - KingGeorge3rd
    Netherlands - 607
    Kazakhstan - habidly
    Cuba - Steven7485
    Kiribati - TheTrufflehunter
    Vatican City - Alchemyst19
    Hungary - five_star
    Space Reserved
    Space Reserved
    Space Reserved
    Space Reserved
    Space Reserved
    Space Reserved
    The countries currently assigned to each member are now deprecated. If you wish to keep your country, you may announce so on the new thread, which will be created by G_Thang27.
  2. Wha....?
    How are they already taken?
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  3. When was the last time you were on SMP2? Hahah, I was asking people left and right!
  4. it is on smp2 so yea
  5. Ages ago....
    How is anyone from the outside meant to know you were asking lol?
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  6. does it matter?
  7. Through my psychic powers... o_o
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  8. Yes
  9. By not available, does that mean that inuy has claimed them along with czech?
  10. Can more countries be allowed?
  11. No, many people wanted them, so instead of being unfair, I made them unavailable.
  12. Yes, any real/used to be real country that hasn't been claimed yet :)
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  13. First off, your wrong. I do not represent them. Since too many people are going on and on about they want those countrys. then no one can have them. The only country i am representing is Thailand.
  14. Good choice! You could also do a "give away" type thing, with people picking numbers and such.
    You seem to have missed the whole issue in the last thread-_- People were upset that you refused to give up your three claims.
  15. Ugh, can we not bring that gruesome hour back again? :/

    Maybe, maybe... :D
  16. So is Czech up for grabs?
  17. Yep :) you want it?
  18. Sure
  19. Done. And. Done. :D
  20. Just out of curiosity, it does seem weird that you have one for Wales, and then another for The United Kingdom? (which includes Wales)
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