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  1. Come on, we need smp10, with other smps getting somwhat overflowed with the new players who came beacse we have updated to 1.9, a think a tenth server would be great. Also, smp10 should have something special in it, like smp6 has pvp and smp5 has mobarena. Maybe another event arena? (Faction part edited out)
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  2. smp10 is like utopia Fullstop
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  3. No. The smp's are actually a little under-populated, I think.
    Back when new smp's were being introduced, the servers were full all the time at prime time. Iron Supporter was much more popular back then.
    There are often hardly any people on nowadays, and it only gets a little full when a staff event is going on, and more smp's wont change that.
  4. I heard on smp5 that there are a lot of direct homes there.

    Calling you out Smp5 you are becoming dead.
  5. Would be an added monthly cost to run yet another smp. This is also a family friendly server which means no /factions and raids.......I like it but I don't think it'll take flight.
  6. So.. you gonna kill a former Foxy? :p
  7. This Will not happen ExExUnderscore reason being is that this server is stated to be a no pvp no griefing or raiding FAMILY Fun Server and it even says it on the banner on some vote websites under the EMC one says both of those and in the rules unless if your VERYYYY lucky #LuckPotionsReady :p But for now this will never happen sorry to bummer you ":D;)"
  8. the games server is coming and that'll be sort of like smp10 i think
  9. I can assure you that there is not any overflow on the servers. If one server gets generally full because of new players, the automated server will change or the system will unclaim derelict player residences for new players.

    I remember when SMP10 was suggested a very long time ago, and although it's an interesting idea, it's simply not requited.
  10. faction server isnt something thats normally advertised here and I think Aikar probably wont change that. I joined because it was nice to see a place with no factions. But other than that it would be weird to have an smp10 cause we already have so many other empty lots that need to be filled first.
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  11. Uh, the SMPs are getting full? Hardly anyone is ever on half the time. The entire server can hold like 1000 people (correct me if I'm wrong) and normally there are only around 200-300 people on at the most. Also, if you're complaining about not having enough space because of all the new players, adding a faction option to one of the servers would probably attract even more players, making the server even more full. It'd probably be pretty cool and fun to play on, but it likely will never happen.
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  12. +1 for smp10 if it's full world pvp
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  13. Well, Im pretty sure its just one world to all the Empire games..
  14. Ok to you, i knew the faction thing would definatly get hate, but it still think smp10 itself should be made, ill prob edit out the faction thing cuz of how its been seen as lol.
  15. I agree with JesusPower2 here. If it was a small server SPECIFICALLY for full-world pvp, then that would be so legit. But, the servers are plenty large enough to accommodate the Empire as it is. So a new server isn't necessary at the time in my opinion.
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  16. Generally smp5 has the most players on. For instance, there are 20 people on smp5 now with the next closest smp7 with 14. You should probably do a little research first before making statements of this nature. Just a suggestion.
  17. But we don't have the need for an SMP10 because no player's need a new server due to overflow? Not yet at least.
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  18. Senior Staff and above add new plots when the server might be getting packed.