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  1. Ok Aikar, I was wondering if we could get a new smp... One with 5x5 lots only for iron membership?
    One with a town that has a pvp arena similer to mob arena. One with a wild with hardcore mobs.
    One with a nether that you can find quartz on.
    Why not one that you can fly in town for everyone.
    One that has a cheap /shop.
    Ok i know this will never happen... Tell me what you think by posting
    and together we can protest to Icc and stuff to give us more smps :p

  2. Ha ha. NO.
    We have enough smps, and if this happened, it wouldn't be the vanilla gameplay that EMC is aimed towards.
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  3. I think that the only reason we should have to add another server is if EMC's population is too large for the current amount of servers right now.
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  4. That comment can be insulting to the thread poster
  5. No, Just no

    Origami "Here let me just put your suggestion by the fireplace, oops, my hands slipped"
    "here let me give this suggestion a good the paper shredder"
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  6. if you need server space smp6 is filled with derelict lots (specially around my four res'es) that i would love for you to occupy
  7. Ummmm..... No.... Big... No...
  8. I wasn't joking...
  9. I've gotten rid of it. Sorry about that.
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  10. This came popular in 5 seconds
  11. A server where we can ride ghasts..... And moon travel..... um....
  12. What... I saw a mod bout it lol
  13. What JustinGuy said about future Smps in the past and your ideas are hmm Very Creative but prolly won't happen on Emc.
  14. Aw comon. Why not a new 4005 on a 8766x8766 lot
  15. No. Just... no.
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