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  1. yay or nay?
  2. I don't really think we need an SMP10 just yet. Maybe go through and clear reses that are over the 30 day mark so that way new ones open up for more players.
  3. I wonder who said that idea?
    But if not all inactive res's are reset i would definetly want a smp10.
    I really like my smp but there is not enough space for having 8 res's attached to one another
  4. Ehh, I think nine... nine individual servers not counting Utopia is enough for now. We've got plenty of open reses on other SMPs. About consecutive reses - Mystul claimed 8 on SMP1. I think it's just a matter of waiting and watching.
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  5. To be honest, the server was never set up to have residences attached to each other. The main design is set up in 2x2 areas that allow for four connected. If you are lucky enough to get 8 together, so be it, but we will not be making another server just so people can have connecting residences. Just watch and wait patiently.

    As for the comments about Unclaiming res's of people over 30 days, the derelict system is currently in lockdown to protect members during the update process. Once 1.5 comes out on emc, everyone's count to 10 will start If they are inactive. At that point, the derelict system will be reinitiated and res's will be reset.
  6. So basically, they have ten days After the update then the inactive res's will be gone?
  7. The residences will be eligible for reset. Idk the stats of the derelict system so I don't know how it decides which res's to delete from the list.
  8. Why doesn't Utopia count? The Squids in my utopia squid farm feel so left out... :(
  9. The derelict system works on how a few things,

    1. is the residence been abandond over 10 days
    2. how many existing residences are open
    3. also take into consideration that some players are away at tmes for long periods and admin put their res on hold for that time.

    The system is also random so some residence have been abandond for a very long time, I think its on the todo list to update the system and improve it but there are still many open res on all servers.

    If you want a particular res that you know to be abandond for a long period of time and is not open to claim speak to admin by sending a pm and asking for it, if it is not held for someone they will do what they can to reset it for you.
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  10. I assume from what you say that "being abandoned over 10 days" implies that the person has not been on ANY server for 10 days.
  11. yes, there are player who stil play on emc but not on the same server where they have a res. They either have another res or play in the wild. They would have to not play on any server to fall into the 10 day rule. Also I don't think it is that strict atm but when the servers are at there peak and new payers join then the residences are reset.
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  12. The only res. I have is on SMP2 and, though I have visited there on odd occasions in the last year or so, I haven't built there for over a year because I live in the glorious open wild - far from the madding crowd ;)

    P.S. I am also p****d - a pensioner's prerogative :D
  13. No, if you are over the 10 days it can reset as soon as we turn it on, so we wait a few days AFTER the update before turning it back on.
  14. Well! Thanks much for this thread (as simple as it began), and the answers about derelict residences -- I had been wondering why I've seen residences whose owner(s) had been offline for 60 days or more (one was 208 days!).
  15. ok i see, i was just trying to wrap my head around the concept. thanks!
  16. Spot a res you want, do /p playername look at date last active and date joined EMC for an extra hint.

    If last active is ridiculous (30 days plus I generally consider), then request a reset.

    Easy-peasy. :D
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  17. SMP 10 is probably a ways off. As others pointed out now that residences are resetting we don't have a problem with not having open residences. Other than that we are not maxing out the current servers, and if we do we can now raise the limits (because of the new hardware). I would only see us releasing SMP 10 when we have raised the limits on smp1-9 and they are often maxed out. At this time we are focusing on things like the new worlds and a more streamlined new user registration / onboarding process. :)
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  18. Pretty much what Justin said, All 10 SMP's aren't full (not sayings its a bad thing, in fact I prefer servers with 20-30 people in rather than 60/60) at the moment and we are probably far off that, I joined after the servers were so busy as I do used to know people were buying supporter just to get there reserved space. We still have plenty of open residences across all servers so there is no need for a SMP 10.