Smp1 2427 Bulk Stone Provider

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  1. Owners: Matjam360
    Rates: Cobble-15r a stack
    Stone-20r a stack
    Stonebrick-20r a stack
    Limit: 5 Doublechests at a time
    Pickup: You can come to 2427 to pickup your order
    Delivery: Delivery is free to any server.
    Donations: Feel Free to Donate Via Shop Signs on 2427 or by do /r pay matjam360 [Amount Here]
    For Business Orders for Cobble,Stone,and Stonebrick Orders Talk To: Matjam360 PM and we can work out a good rate for provision.
    Reselling without my permission and an established business deal will result in a ban from ordering. If I come under suspicion that you are reselling without permission than I will suspend you from ordering until I can have proof of you not.
    Also I'm Looking For Good Workers To Help Gather Stone,Cobble,etc.
    Current Workers: Bu11dawg Me(matjam360)

    Banner By: Quite_Indeed
    Please be patient with orders.
    Orders can be taken by Pm,Post on this thread, or by talking to me in-game.
    Please spread the word about this business.
  2. btw, it will take 20r for vaults, because to put in and take out :)
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  3. truggle is right
  4. 2 Double chests of stone please!

    1408r for whole order including delivery
  5. PM me order details please
  6. Double Chest of stone thankyou very much :p
    810r for the whole thing ;) I'll pick it up :)
  7. Thanks I know but I'm trying to be nice
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  8. How is my order?
  9. Ok Guys I might a little bit busy with orders now. Since it takes a little bit of time to get a double chest of stuff.
  10. I just checked this thread so I will get on filling the order as quickly as possible.
  11. What's the limit? I want 50 double chests of stone.

    EDIT:Changed my mind to 50.
  12. I ordered first! What about me?
  13. Im working on your order. I'm trying my best.
  14. I want 4 double chests of stone..
  15. Sorry didnt see the post before
  16. Thanks for reminding me about putting a limit since I am currently a 1 man operation expect for one other person. The limit is currently 5 doublechests.
  17. OK Guys I might not be able to accept orders for a while unless they are a chest of items at the most. I'm currently working on bucky and Nfell orders. So If I didn't your name as working on orders just pm telling me your order so we can work out details on the time I will get to it.
  18. Also I really need workers. This would help me tons so pm if you want a job
  19. Okay then I want to order 5 Doublechest...

    When it's done, I'll keep ordering..
  20. 5 Double chest of stone @ 509

    P.S Ask Bucky for the money, not me