Smp 7 Server Wide Apolgie.

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Do You Forgive Me For My Error?

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  1. No longer relevant
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  2. Hello, beastedpepper. I'm not on SMP7 and i do not know what your mistake was, but from the post you've just given
    I can see that if this was the "in game chat" I'd be giving you a warning about your over use of the 'Shift Key'.
    You dont have to capitalise the first letter of every word.

    Thanks :)
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  3. Oh, dude, really? I paid you 100r for an apartment room for one week, how are you gonna reimburse me? Also, it is your responsibility to control what is said using your minecraft credentials, by you or your brother.

    I find this to be incredibly unprofessional that you have gotten yourself into such a mess, after trusting you. If you want any chance of redeeming yourself, I suggest you get on the server again through some sort of miracle ban appeal or buying the game again with a different account.

    Even if you do manage that, this has put a severe black mark on any community reputation you may have gained during your time on SMP7 which will take you a while to regain.

    TL;DR: I paid you 100r for a hotel room, you've got a ban and your res has been wiped, you can't reimburse me, you're irresponsible and I'm not happy.

    And that's all I have to say on the matter. Toodles.
  4. Saying "I accidentally left my Minecraft account logged in and my brother was on it and he got me banned" is like saying to your teacher my dog ate my homework.

    Am I the only one that notices how overused this excuse is on the internet?

    Also if in any circumstance this would be true, it is your account and your responsibility to take care of it.
  5. Is it really that hard to exit off when your leaving the computer?
  6. You are over-using capitol letters don't do that. And you got banned for trolling, not perm, you have 2 days left of it. I would check your rupee's history (by clicking "rupees" on the top of the page) to make sure volt had payed you seems kinda fishy to try and guilt you for 100R. One more thing, this is not the way to appeal bans.
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  7. Just to clarify, I totally paid him. I understand why it would be fishy, but he does have my money.
  8. I know, just seemed fishy :p just tryna look out for people ya know?
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  9. Wait i just noticed.
    "I Accidentally Left My Minecraft Account Logged In An My Brother Was On It And He Apparently Got Me Banned."

    So how old is your brother?
  10. Your computer has Norton? That guy is a self-righteous jerk.
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  11. From his grammar I wouldn't call him 45 :p.

    Also SWM like you never put fake credentials in an account info :p I put fake credentials in my Google Account since they restrict some features if your in a certain age.
  12. Please don't get SWM started on Norton. I don't have enough Ben & Jerry's in the house to deal with that right now. Let's just say SWM and Norton's relationship didn't end on a high note.
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  13. SWM its called "Self Security" :p Some people just don't want to put there real age and address and about you on public websites anyone can see. (Just my point of view)
  14. Beast :) I have a brother that sometimes plays my minecraft account, and I'm truely scared every time he logs on EMC :p I even bought him an account that he doesn't use! But anyways, I see your point, and know the feeling. If your moving, and it doesn't matter where, come to SMP 3 :) I love meeting new people
  15. Lol xD Like for you
  16. Capital of Georgia! LOL!
  17. I have never faked any credentials.
  18. Ohh I'm gonna have fun keeping updated on this topic :)
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  19. I wish that made sense! :)
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  20. Aww, that's lame. I guess I'll see you around somewhere else beast /: