Smp 4 Economy Problems

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What do you think we should do about our economy.

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Work together to fix it. 6 vote(s) 26.1%
Do nothing and let our server be destroyed... 17 vote(s) 73.9%
  1. Attention all Smp 4 players. There is a huge problem with our economy as you probably already know. Well I'm here to help repair our economy. Please share your ideas. We can then combine them and try to do something about this tragedy. Most players think if we just wait the economy will fix itself. We have tried that and there has been no change. We have to stop this now. We can make a change. It all starts with you and me. Post your ideas on this thread so we can change this!
  2. And the problem with it is...
  3. See for yourself. Prices are insane. People are always out of stock. There's barely any well-known shops. The ones that are are going bankrupt because the players are all buying everything they need from that one shop decreasing their resources which is destroying their shop. I hope you understand now -kylanrock8
  4. Not really.
    If that were true, someone else would make a new shop due to the huge profit chances.
    Supply and demand. If there is too much supply, the price is driven down. Why would a shop want to make less money? I suspect many shops hoard resources.
  5. 1. Supply and demand: If the prices are high, it means that they are in demand, or the shop owner just has them high.

    2. Cant fix out of stock shops, if the owner doesn't stock them, they are left unstocked.

    3. You don't need a well known shop. Smalls shops normally have better prices at the cost of having less items for sale.

    4. Isn't it a shops job to sell goods? Buying goods shouldn't make shops go bankrupt from people buying goods.
  6. Yeah I agree with this, even though I'm not in town much anymore I agree there is no good shops or mega malls here anymore, it's a real shame since I've seen SMP 4's economy flourish when I joined and the first couple of months it was great, now it is just getting worse.
  7. In all my days I've never been on smp4.

    So you say prices are high? Will people buy diamonds for 80r?? I see a chance of profit...
  8. No they aren't that high, people will often just go and visit other smp's for shops. Maybe new players, but the day you see me pay 80r for diamonds, will be never :p
  9. I would also like to mention that a server doesnt need shops to have an economy. Services count too. There could be many players who just sells items to shops instead of creating their own, or maybe some players have digging services.
  10. If ot really is that bad,mmove sserver or get them yourself :)
  11. Move servers? Why should i waste my time starting all my buildings over? Fixing our server up would be better.
  12. There is a lot of this but players are always begging for money. As soon as they earn it they just go blow it and beg some more. Its more complicated than that.
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  13. You have a point but you would have to see for yourself. Chickeneer plays on this server regularly. He knows what I mean. Please question him if you still don't understand. He has more information about our economy. Alot of people mainly blame Aikar for this although it dosent make much sense to me.
  14. A broken economy would be where everyone has to much money and to many items that nobody wants to buy. You're in the perfect situation if it's how you say it is and the opposite. Your economy is perfect right now for people to setup shops if that's their thing.
  15. We need 72V
  16. Somebody call Volt.
    EDIT: ugh beat to it.
    Anyway, the Aikar joke, it was fun while it lasted, but now, it's just a blast from the past. Honestly, I can't remember what happened that started it up
  17. If they're poor maybe add in /sell hand for some items, but im sure that will never happen.
  18. You should add a third poll option......
    "The Economy really isn't that messed up"
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  19. Yeah but it isn't really that good either.....
  20. But there is a difference between a messed up economy and a bad economy.