SMP 1 has crashed...

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  1. LOL!
  2. I think it might've been my fault, honestly... I set of a few TNT... I don't think 1 can take it at the moment.
  3. wow Jabr lol...
  4. it was SIX TNT... that's not that hard to compute! I think the server is just messing with us.
  5. Ok, sorry. I thought it was funny.
  6. For everyone who needs to be kicked, just hit Alt+ F4.
  7. That wont work if the server dies when you're logged into it. It basically keeps a "ghost" of you logged into the server until it reboots, meaning you cant login to any other EMC servers.
  8. Is SMP5 down for anyone else? (Also message to players making threads about this: Your spamming the forums, and a post on a thread is enough. Like this one. :))
  9. Why cant i join any servers at all a Bunch of words keep poping out when i try to log on
  10. Its crashed so many times today
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  11. that i know but now it's all the servers wow....

    This is what i like to play after i get back from work darn it....
  12. This is currently a multi-player minecraft issue, not EMC, assign the blame Mojang's way this time. :p
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  13. O ok wow... Come on Mojang!
  14. Crashed yet again
  15. I am now declaring this the "SMP1 downtime twitter feed":p
  16. I can't wait for 1.3.2... So many bugs like this will be fixed.
  17. Hopefully!
  18. lol no SMP8 is fine. Sadly, I was going to pickup my winnings from an auction in SMP1 when it crashed while I was logging in XD
  19. smp1 is more dead than smp3.
  20. Really? Then why are you people here?