SMP 1 has crashed...

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  1. please kick me too!
  2. Woah, a mod making a thread about this? *gasp*
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  3. It is down yet again... I am going to give up on it for a while. I have informed Justin and Jeremy of the issue and will relay information as I receive it.

    Have patience guys and go on the other functioning SMP Servers for a while...
  4. Considered inappropriate. Removed. - Twitch1
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  5. Entertaining. I will wait on a negative response before I have you remove it.
  6. Ok, fine I'll be the adult and say yeah it's not appropro.. not offensive - but give me a break... no brainer and indicative of EMC's real issue.

    Also, not even close to OP... really?

    The server is down... new update... I too am stuck and a bit upset. Oh well.
  7. This is a generic negative response, please dont remove it.
  8. Already done, sorry.
  9. Is smp1 still down? It says no connection for me :( I wanted to go out in the wild and gather some resources.
  10. Come on people, its not that terrible of a problem. Try going on another server and foraging through the wild for a bit. Please?:)
  11. i wouldint know i am banned today but if i wasint i prob. would still be getting connection error
  12. i was just on utopia and i got the end of stream message
  13. When will it be back on??!! I can't be on any smp server!
  14. it keeps saying

    Sorry, you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time??!!!
    WHy it keeps doing that This is happening to all EMC servers for me...
  15. Annnnd it's back down again :p
  16. And now both of me is locked out... sigh
  17. Can you kick me please? Thanks
  18. down again :p
  19. Down Again dumb lag...
  20. We should rename SMP1 to "The Stock Market"

    One moment it's up...and the next it's back down again.