SMP 1 has crashed...

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  1. SMP 1 is down... I can't log in at all, I get a failed connection each time and a server not available statement.. Am I the only one right now?
  2. nope me too mind kicking me?
  3. There are people online...?
  4. Me too.
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  5. Hmm, SMP9 and Utopia was down aswell. What's going on today?
  6. Yeah Its been down for like 1 hour for me.
  7. Last night smp5 went down, and it said people were still on. But five minutes later it was empty, everyone was lagged out it seemed. Possibly the same thing as this?
  8. it might be the new dbservers or the hacking yesterday
  9. The hacking has nothing to do with it. That was specifically only affecting the site.
  10. They are not actually online. They were "stuck" on the server.
  11. And now it's not down:D
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  12. And back down again?

    EDIT: I'm on never mind!
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  13. I can't log into smp1. It says "logging in" and then takes me to the title screen like I pressed cancel, which I didn't and my mouse was nowhere near that button.

    EDIT: I just got on and then I walked around, but it reset my space and I was took back to the title screen. What the fudgecakes is going on? :eek:

    Another edit: Now i'm getting end of streamed. Is it just me with this problem? It's not my internet because i'm on all 5 bars and I can access websites fine.
  14. It kicked me just now too....
    I just found a blaze spawner that was never touched and now I am blocked from the server again. :(
  15. Server crashed again, and I was on there. Now I can't connect to other servers :(
  16. Dangit twitch! Why'd you have to go and find something really cool so the server gods kicked us all!
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  17. Can you kick me?
  18. Taken care of Xandrow
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