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  1. Hello everyone! I am remaking an old thread of mine with updated information where we can talk about Super Smash Bros together!
    I am currently in Elite Smash but only as King K Rool, as he is my top main. Other mains I have include: Banjo & Kazooie, Little Mac, Palutena, Zero Suit Samus, Mr Game and Watch, and Mario. I'm working really hard to become the best King K Rool out there. I think I rely a little too much on the B Button, but Im working on balancing it with the A button as well.
    With the release of Steve from Minecraft next Tuesday I think that now would be the great time to discuss him, and talk about your mains and fighters. Maybe one day we could all play in a Battle Arena one day! I cant wait to hear what you all have to say!
  2. Last time I played Smash was on the Nintendo 64. :D

    All in honesty, the inclusion of Steve in Smash was quite a pleasant surprise because I knew how hesitant Nintendo was to do that. I'm impressed nevertheless because they said the game needs to be re-designed and re-balanced to include the new play style he entails.
  3. Yeah its insane what they had to do. This was 5 years in the works, and it was worth it
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  4. I play Ike. That's it. Lol

    I am excited for the Minecraft characters!
  5. We like Ike! We like Ike! We like Ike!
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  6. :love: :<3:
  7. Oh? How did you know? I've heard nothing of the sort, and in Sakurai's little speech, it seemed like he was accepted pretty much right away.
    Personally, I supposed Minecraft wasn't too popular in Japan.

    A friend/acquaintance of mine is an amateur at Super Smash Bros., or maybe even a semiprofessional?
    I think he started playing during Brawl. He currently has 915 hours on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. :eek:
  8. The hesitation stemmed from Minecraft being owned by Microsoft. The two have been competitors for quite some time, but the discussion was only made with Mojang in the picture, but following the growing partnership between the two companies, its most likely that talks for Steve began around that point. Also I have about 450 hours in Smash
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  9. Side b + bowser = win
  10. I main Luigi and I am really good with him
  11. If you're a stock above then pretty much, friend. They call me the Cheese King, I should know lol
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  12. I've been trying Luigi, but I can never master him ;-;
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  13. I've never heard about this either. :p Nintendo was a competitor to Sega and Atari and way back some other companies too, and Nintendo has competed with Sony as well, but according to my friend in recent years Nintendo has only been competing with the smartphone market, and not with Xbox or Playstation.
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  14. Here's a short video that my friend did on Steve in Smash! I thought it was quite interesting. :)
    I like how they picked other characters (with specific skins) to represent Minecraft mobs, in that story mode of sorts. Not sure why it's called "Journey to the Farlands", though, if the goal is defeating the Ender Dragon. :p
  15. I watched some video of someone playing as Steve. And I was greatly impressed at the detail that went into the various moves that Steve has in the game. When I get some free time, I look forward to trying it out.
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  16. Never underestimate Steve :p
  17. Steve is pretty good, but I'm giving him B tier status, since projectiles are his worst nightmare
  18. Steve has quite a huge set of moves. I expect no-one to remember all the input combinations to perform all of them.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but his hitboxes are much smaller compared to other characters, yeah?
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  19. Yes, and a huge part of that is that unlike other characters who have a somewhat aura around then for hitboxes, his look just like his model, mostly due to the fact all of his moves are connected to him. It's kind of like he's holding projectiles the whole time
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  20. I wished you they would have added a herobrine skin haha