Slime heads, the combine and not combine as stacks in inventory.

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  1. Slime heads, the combine and not combine as stacks in inventory.
    Is this a bug ort some weird minecraft implementation to annoy your inventory storage ? :confused:

    Sometime i have stacks of 3 - 4 heds and maney times it's not going higher then 1.
  2. I've noticed the same thing with magma cubes.
  3. Same with player heads from PvP. Try putting them in your vault and tricks like that. The heads worked for me after I did that ;)
  4. But then you have to pay for vault :p
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  6. It's 10r, I can't miss that. My dear rupees ...
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  7. Vote and get vault vouchers =P then once you have 6 vaults total, vaulting will be free
  8. Yeah but if I sell those vouchers I'll get more rupees :D
  9. I see.
    Then you'll never get free vaulting and you'll keep complaining about not-stacking heads =P
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  10. Get 5 vault pages and then it's free :D
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  11. 5 vaults actually =P
  12. It's 5 vaults after your first vault page >.>
  13. Well, when I had 5 vaults including my first one, I didn't have to pay rupees anymore =P
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  14. M<y Vault is free, except that i cannot open the vault in wilderness. so this trick is not going to work !
  15. It's five total, including your first. :)
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  16. This is usually caused by glitched block data. This is common with heads because of things like skin changes and name changes. Usually placing heads and digging them up is enough to make them unable to stack.
    And it's not implemented to annoy your inventory.
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  17. Use the live map or go to the cords 0,0 to find your way back to the outpost to open type vault :)
  18. But then (this is a real complaint) you have to walk for ages.
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  19. Theres many animals in the wastelands so kill the animals for food and keep walking :p
  20. I don't have a spare 3 hours for everytime some stupid heads don't stack for no reason. :p
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