Sky's Opinion On The Empire

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  1. It's okay, I guess.
    Note: This is meant to be a joke, no real opinions here pl0x
  2. You should be a comedian... :rolleyes:
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  3. many ^^^'s
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  4. yes, yes 100x yes
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  5. My opinion on the Empire is based off of two bad experiences that were, in truth, completely justifiable.

    And that there are too many opinions! Wait...
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  6. How dare you have an opinion! Burn the heretic! :mad:
  7. Heretics are the main antagonists of HALO.
    A Halo is a ring worn by angels.
    Angels are descendants of God.
    God of the PokeMon world is Arceus.

    ...You can't burn Arceus unless it's holding a Meadow Plate. :U

    This information may or may not be 100% true. :p
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  8. I'm to old to have anymore opinions. :rolleyes:
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  9. You're right!!! This one time... 3 months ago, I logged online in the middle of the afternoon. So many people were on, and a staff member... who won't be named at this time... said hello to me in town chat. In town chat!!!

    You have to more than guess! These are the days of extremes!

    In Soviet Russia opinions joke you!
  10. I agree <3
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  11. I got auto kicked for idling while writing comments on the forum. Those darn robot staffers are at it again :D

    But how would you rate the slab / smp8 / smp7 and fish & chickens ratio's right now?

    I'm not sure yet if this smells like a conspiracy or just like fish :p
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  12. Yes.

    tbh, the empire started to go downhill when Darth Vader was killed by Spock in Hogwarts. I never understood why he didn't take the TARDIS.
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  13. Because the EMC staff stole it:

    Darn hooligans :D

    (gonna post this finding in more details somewhere else soon, as soon as I find the name of the player who originally discovered this (credit where credits due!)).
  14. This was much-needed.
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  15. This made me smile.
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  16. Thanks for posting this sky, It shows while there is a vocal minority that may be upset right now, there is a non-vocal majority that is present also.
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  17. With the recent drama, I might as well let others see my shocking opinion. Hopefully staff don't get extremely mad at my strongly worded opinion and shut me down (kidding, pls no ban).
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