Skeleton Horses 1.9 Suggestion

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    Please make increase the spawns for the month of October only as a Halloween event thing. :D
    In October, please make them Zombie horses to increase variation and make it special.
    Please try not to nerf this unless it is related to difficulty levels 1-4
    According to the wiki, they currently are not. Maybe have them regenerate health with the following items?

    • Rotten Flesh
    • Spider Eye
    • Player Heads, maybe
      • It would be horribly great
    • Raw Meats
      • Not fish
  2. +slab
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  3. +stoneslab
  4. Actually, they are not tameable because they're tamed right away ;)
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  5. Think he meant the Zombie Horse :p
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  6. Ah, okay.
    Still though, it's interesting how the skeleton horses spawn tamed.
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  7. 607 was right. I did not read up enough. :oops:
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  8. It's confusing the way it's documented.

    The original horse will be tamed when struck, and the additional three horses are spawned tamed.
    Adult horses, donkeys, and mules can be tamed, but not zombie horses or skeleton horses.

    I also thought that this would be a hostile mob, but from what I can see it is not. Plus if RainbowChin rides one around in Town it'd probably work for normal players.
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  9. That's because if you spawn them untamed (you can through a command), they can't be tamed, while horses, donkeys and mules can both be tamed and be spawned in tamed. It's actually worded well at the wiki, but if you interpret it in a different way I understand why you'd be confused.
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  10. Also, think of the new promo idea's these horses can bring! Halloween, umm.. ya that's all :D
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  11. The skeleton/zombie horse itself is not hostile; it is neutral just like any other horse. As of 1.9 entities being ridden are controlled by and will have the same AI as their riders, meaning that a skeleton horse ridden by a skeleton will chase you and move like a skeleton - all while being neutral-, but a regular zombie horse that was brought to the game via commands, like Chin's, is neutral and won't attack you :)
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