[Singleplayer] My Hardcore Slightly Modded World

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Unoski, Apr 23, 2016.

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  1. Hello! Quite a bit ago, I wanted to try out this mod called Quark in survival mode. Unfortunately, I accidentally changed it from Survival to Hardcore mode. I thought "Well, I already created it. Might as well go all the way with it" and I do not regret a thing. Hardcore mode is definitely fun to experience and thrive.

    I will give you a little rundown of my world before I tell you about Quark.

    So, as soon as I spawned, I saw a village nearby. My immediate reaction is to go to the village and claim it as my own (I did). I built a fence around it the first night and made myself a bed. After a bit, I decide to change the village up to make it level AND more easy to navigate. This is my current village:

    As you see, I have 10 houses set up and a slaughter house. I plan on making a blacksmith / smelter place right next to it. I created the iron golem to help out during night time and I love his good job.
    Food can be hard to come by because I am lacking animals and these villagers keep farming the crops. I am in the process of replacing the fence with a brick wall.

    Fun story: In an effort to get different animals to my slaughter house, I went out exploring for a swampland for slime balls which I can use to make leads. I finally find one and wait until nightfall to kill the slimes. After a while of waiting for slimes to spawn, I notice that there are no slimes to be seen. I look at the wiki page and discover they don't spawn on new moons. I automatically think "Odds are it isn't a full moon -- it must be the mod." I was dead wrong. I chose the one time they wouldn't spawn.

    What is quark?
    Some examples of the additions:
    • Smooth Stone Slab Block
    • Andesite, Diorite, Granite brick variants (with their stairs/slabs)
    • More stairs/slabs
    • Clay spots that spawn underground
    • Stair Chairs
    and just a lot of nice additions.
    Website: http://quark.vazkii.us/
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  2. Looks pretty cool, man.
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  3. I experienced a problem. When fetching sheep, it turned night and I was faced with a skeleton, creeper, and an invisible spider. I survived :D
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  4. ooh, Ive seen Quark on the MC Subreddit, ive been meaning to try it out sometime
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  5. Dont die. Or do, its up to you.
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  6. This mod has quite a few things I wish minecraft naturally had... I might try it out later.
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  7. is that a sheep wagon?
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  8. I guess the sheep bugged out. It's fine now. :p
  9. but... is that a sheep wagon
  10. No?
  11. oh, to me it looks like you are sitting in some sort of cart and the sheep is pulling you
    that would be cool
  12. That would be the shield that you think is the cart :p And he is keeping the sheep with him using a lead :)
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  13. If only mojang would add wagons you could stick to animals and drive around
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  15. Not good enough
  16. Needs this
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  17. What are these stair chairs? Are they a different kind of stair, or is it just being able to sit on regular stairs?
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  18. Normal chairs. You can sit on any.
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  19. Today so far was pretty eventful. It was a thunderstorm and look what I found:

    Skeleton Trap. Once I approached it, it spawned 4 skeletons riding skeleton horses. If I kill them all, I can keep the horses.

    Luckily, I managed to kill them all (my horse got a bit hurt. :( )
    Uh-oh. A horde of hostile mobs decided to give me a round 2.

    The witch decided to be friendly and throw slowness potions at the zombies.

    Now to reap the rewards!

    Unfortunately, a round 3 arrived. Another skeleton trap spawned right at my base.

    Managed to kill them and now I have 8 skeleton horses and a skeleton's dropped bow.

    I guess I have to create stables now. One of the horses had upwards of 24 hearts. Too bad I only have one saddle. Well, that was my adventure!
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  20. Nice, I'm enjoying reading this! :)
    Wow at those skeleton horses :eek: Do they have decent speed?
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