Sim City (2013) (Legit's first thoughts)

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  1. Now that I got the game installed, I feel that I should give my thoughts on it, as its launch has been VERY rocky. Now, I know what everyone will ask first, "LEGIT, DID IT TAKE YOU HOURS AND HOURS TO GET INTO A SERVER??" Umm, no. I just changed to a server that wasn't full. I honestly don't see why people are complaining over that, as its something that you can simply fix. It also didn't take me an hour to download the game, as some people are saying. It took me around 10 to 15 minutes to download. I also haven't had the server crash on me or had my town get rolled back, as, once again, people are saying that has happened. Only thing I still agree on is that the DRM only is stupid. Hopefully this gets patched in an update that includes a real single player, but for now, i'm fine with it. :)

    Now, lets get to the gameplay. Oh my god, if you thought Sim City 4 went in depth with the simulation, you GOTTA see this. Every sim and car you see, is actually doing something, such as going to work, or even robbing a bank, unlike Sim City 4, where the cars and sims were simply just for aesthetic purposes. (Well except for traffic jams, which the cars played a part in.) The graphics are great, which is a good thing, as with what I said above, graphics play a munch bigger part than just giving the game texture. You can also dive into the streets, and witness everything going on.

    Now, let me talk about a new feature, which are called plobbabls, which I might have spelled wrong. With these, you can upgrade buildings, such as adding more police cars to the police station, or adding on new classrooms to a school.

    I'll give more thoughts later, once I play it some more. So far, its a great game, and I suggest you buy it. :)
  2. So my suggestion got it fixed or what?
  3. Indeed it did! :)

    Also, heres a picture of my main town, Llama town!

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  4. Great!
    And that town looks awesome! Can't wait for the mac version so I can get it.
  5. If it gets a True single player, i prolly will buy it.
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  6. In the meantime, you can also create a region and set it to private, and just play by yourself.
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  7. I don't care if this is gaming Nirvana, I will not buy it.
  8. That's great, never said you had to.
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  9. I changed my mind. I'll play Simcity.

  10. *Rolls eyes*
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  11. I was so exited by simcity 2013 and had to play simcity again. I tryed it but I realised my diskdrive(don't know how to call it in english?)doesn't work anymore...:(

    Edit: I tried simcity 3000 world edition, and it was on a virtual 98 pc
  12. yea true, I like playing with players online but with my internet ......won't run at it's best
  13. Looks nice and I'd like to play Sim City again, but since it's like Diablo and online only I guess kiss that goodbye. Suppose you're away from home with no internet and want to play? You're screwed.
  14. Don't know about you guys, but I have 3G on my phone and the ability to create a wi-fi hotspot. I want to get the new SimCity, but i'm more interested in Tomb-Raider, my own PS3 for my room (Been spending alot of time on that recently, but brother & sister want to go on it to...)...wouldn't know what to do with my Ps2 though >.>
  15. I think ours has 3G but we just recently bought it and are still trying to figure it out. With my luck I'd try to use it and have some stupid issue like that one time we had like...400 threads complaining "MY IP IZ BLAWKD BY SPAMHAUZ!" because the neighbor next door on the same network is too stupid to understand you don't really win the free XBox from the talking ad.
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  16. It'd probably suck up quite a large amount of your data.
  17. I'm on a package that gives me unlimited data, calls, and texts as long as I pay £15 a month C:
  18. 1. What is drm?

    never could get mine to work. I think there is an extra fee in the states.

    that made me laugh.

    I look forward to hearing more about Simcity.
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  19. Seen some people play it on YouTube and it looks good! When i get my new PC i will definitely get it!
  20. I will not be purchasing any games with always online DRM. It is not fair to the consumer.
    I am sure there is a way to pirate the game anyway, which is where I will spend my energy until they revoke this idiocy.