Signature Bars

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Xinn, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. I would like one with a black background, and red streaks in the middle and it say redwing2000 - boss time
  2. Can I have one that:
    Has a White Background to a Black Backround
    Also Make It Say:
    The #1 Noob Helper
  3. I would Like 4: Each are quite similar. They all say 15297/14799 On the Left, but more like a logo than text, and on the right, Each one says either PrinceBee/IceFirePB, TheHedorn, KeldonHoff,or Mezzer01. Also, behind the "15297/14799" there is a Beacon. The Colour is a Nice Red. Thanks! :D
  4. Sent to your inboxes :)
  5. I would like on with my head peeking up on the left bottom then on the right say NoahMarcusWhite
  6. Sure thing Doctor :p
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  7. Oops I background plz
  8. Haha I was planning to make it blue xD
  9. . Hey do you like my signature? Made it mehself :D
  10. I would like another, haha :D
    One that is pink and says Like a Boss,
    With Bows and flowers and pretty girly stuff :D
    ( Rainbows, Flowers, Unicorns, ect. )

  11. Code:
  12. I'd like another one. The background is filled with diamonds/diamond blocks, and says "Diamond hoarder"
  13. Sent, Sorry it took so long. I just woke up hour and a half ago >.>'''
  14. i'll go easy on you:
    Something Halo related
    No pink or purple
    nothing too girly
    otherwise, it's ALL up to you :)
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  15. Haha I try not to do too girly. I'm not much of a girly girl but will do :). Sorry if it takes me a few. I made so many and uploaded them yesterday that imgur keeps making me type in captchas because it apparently thinks I'm a bot.
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  16. Imgur doesn't work for me anymore :(
    I use tinypic! :D
  17. Something related to doctor who. Time of the 10th doctor preferable.
    Blue of course. :p With a gradient.
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  18. Hey panda can I have one that says: Money Bags
    and it has a greenish yellow background with gold/ gold nuggets/ diamonds in a random pattern :) Thanks!
  19. I have you two and two others that I will try to work on :). Imgur thinks I'm a bot since I uploaded so many and I'm dealing with a massive sinus infection/cold. :(
  20. That sucks, it seems I have had a stuffy nose all winter.
    Anyway, no rush.