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  1. I recently decided I wanted to try to make my own instead of just using ones from the site everyone has been using. Sometimes they're kind of limited. Some I've made that I just posted in the Art Thread:

    My sister's:

    If you would like one, let me know? It gives me something to do when chat is too annoying/dead/server is down. :)

    1. They're FREE.
    2. Thanks to a bit of an awkward post I'm posting this here:

    • No extreme violence, nudity, or other offensive materials.
    • No Discriminatory Content: Presenting in a positive light language or pictorial illustrations that defame persons based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or disability.
    • No recreational drugs.
    • Thou Shalt Be Respectful And Tolerant Of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, And Sexual OrientationRacial, ethnic, religious, and sexual harassment (including harassment of homosexuals), and hate speech, will not be tolerated.

    Background: Solid or Gradient.
    Background color:
  2. So he is addicted to lies?
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  4. NO cake for you
  5. awwww ;n;
  6. Not until you talk to bob"randomwordshere" from yesterday lol
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  7. NEVER :mad:
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  8. Are these free?
  9. Yes. I guess I need to edit OP.
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  10. =D
    Then I'd like one that says," Beacon collector" please.
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  11. May I have one that has a gradient from blue to red and the TF2 logo in the left, the word "Player" in the Right?
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  12. Done, sent in PMs.
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  13. Ill take a few. Red vs blue watcher, sheep addict, redstone workman, and smp2 vet
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  14. i could make these... but i dont feel like it.. and you cant turn down free stuff :3. I want a black one.. that just says ismooch. Maybe a little bit of my avatar in there? nothing else... just ismooch. I think its funny... because it means nothing >:D
  15. Makes perfect sense.
  16. Just a question, how are you making these? Is it like a program, or a website that has the basis set up and you edit it?
  17. I googled instructions and then did as they said in Photoshop. I also had classes to cover stuff like this and mess with it and learned to make buttons and such.

    You hugging the creeper avatar or your minecraft avatar? :p
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  18. This is pretty cool, I'm keen on using that EMC one you made ;)
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  19. Here you go. :)
    Everyone else's has been sent by PM.
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  20. You should charge for these.