Show your handwriting!

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Could you read my English (Latin alphabet) handwriting?

Yes, just fine. 11 vote(s) 42.3%
No, I had so much trouble I didn't understand some parts. 4 vote(s) 15.4%
Yes, with some effort. 11 vote(s) 42.3%
  1. Well of to take some pictures
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  2. My handwriting is decent to read, but 'cl' turns in 'd', 'e' turns to 'c' and 'a' turns to 'u'
  3. I'm not going to share my handwriting. With how clearly I write, many teachers can tell that I wrote the piece out. So, showing it here would be a form of giving away major personal information which of course I won't do to people I haven't met in RL.
  4. But, wait... you said, many teachers can tell that you wrote the piece out... but you've met your teachers IRL, right?
  5. Yes. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Oh goodness....Let's see if i can manage this....
  7. :eek: I like this idea
    Time for me to reveal my writing :)

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  8. So my handwriting isn't terribly straight without lines to follow; also wrote this in the dark so pardon:

    Here is a page from my chemistry notebook which I just happened to have on hand:

    And here is a sample info-graphic from said notebook detailing the course of, well, the class as a whole following a particularly brutal exam.

    Lovely; so informative... so accurate......
  9. Gonna post soon. First i need to spend 10 hours working on a paragraph :)
  10. I have 3 or 4 handwritings, people can't count how many. I will write up an example later, might edit it in or just make a new post.
  11. My handwriting is terrible >.< Least i tried

  12. Just gonna post again because.

    It hurts, I know. I have written papers using all however many handwritings I have. Teachers easily know its mine by the inconsistency.
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  13. Cursive is a lot better, just saying.

    Random page from my Biology notebook (in portuguese). Fast handwriting I guess, cause it looks bad lol

    And random duck drawing in the same notebook
  14. Thanks for the input, I'm already loving this thread!
  15. A part of my English notes on The Oddysey. I prefer cursive more, but I only write with it in personal journals.

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  16. You see the best thing about messy handwriting(see my post above :p ) in group anything, you can force others to write, as you have the excuse of illegible writing. Then you are a hawk over their back making sure they lie talk about the right thing.
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  17. My handwriting makes "e" turn into "c" with a thicker top, "a" looks like "u" and I generally don't pick up my pencil long enough between letters so if I write "el" the "l" will look like it has a hook on the top.
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  18. Completely unrelated but I took these nearly identical notes last month and my consensus is that The Odyssey is a very dumb book.
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