Show us your Desktop!

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  1. So I thought this would be kinda cool;
    See how messy people are with their icons, See what's your background(And such)

    So Before we get started just wanted to point out that your desktop should be EMC Friendly
    (No bad words; Bad pictures see-able; Ect Ect)

    I'll also include a few questions you can answer after you post the picture:)

    What is your desktop? Austin Carslile from Of Mice and Men (Band)

    Why is that your desktop? Of mice and Mens music has offected my life alot and helped my through alot
    How often do you change it? I havent for about 6 monthes...
    Are you OCD about your icons? Nope xD As you can clearly tell
  2. Dual Monitors.

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  3. Many things are a run command away.
  4. Here's Mine

    What is your desktop? Phantom Akiko (From an Anime Cartoon)
    Why is that your desktop? When I got the picture, I thought he reflected me a bit.
    How often do you change it? Every few months or so.
    Are you OCD about your icons? Yes, most of the time I have them alphabetized, but if I procrastinate because I downloaded a bit more stuff, I'll at least group them accordingly.
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  5. Wow, that is a lot going on there :p
    Windows Mac!.JPG
    What is your desktop? The traditional Mac
    Why is that your desktop? Always liked that pic
    How often do you change it? Never
    Are you OCD about your icons? What icons? lol
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  6. How do u take a picture of your screen :p I'm a n00b
  7. PrintScreen Button
  8. um... whats that
  9. Are you on a PC?
  10. Yes
  11. i would post mine but, i cant get my laptop to take the picture.
  12. Well, I don't know what to think of that lol.

    And for people on Windows, use Snipping Tool.
    I think it's included in Vista and 7
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  13. I took the pic how do I post the pic?
  14. "Upload a file" and search for where you saved it.

  15. What is your desktop? My inventory on Minecraft. Me as Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    Why is that your desktop? I copied it from something I saw on Reddit /r/ Minecraft and wanted to try it out.
    How often do you change it? Usually when I feel like it.
    Are you OCD about your icons? Usually but they wouldn't fit right how I usually have them sorted.