Show us how many rupees are on each server

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  1. Title says it all basically

    It would be great to be able to see how much rupees are on each server. I would love to be able to compete against other smp servers. It might also incentivise and motivate other players to set up business, promote community cooperation, and generally just be a really cool feature.

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  2. Rupees are held by the players individually and not by the servers. How do you account for those that occupy multiple servers?
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  3. Exactly what I was thinking.

    I do not see use for this idea and a few problems, but maybe modify it to show shop traffic (buy/sell sign action). People could still abuse this system, though.
  4. i personally wouldnt want my purchasing history known to the public. In regards to people who use multiple servers, just base it on whatever server their #1 res is on.
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  5. Well you could just assign a player a server by their default res, other than that I would have no idea.
  6. Yeah, but still, I think people shouldn't be linked to one server like that, because playing on multiple smp's is encouraged I think.
  7. By allowing a new form of competition between SMP servers, you are encouraging communities to work together and thrive. If a thriving community is a way of keeping people engaged and committed to being an active member of EMC, then i think everyone will benefit.

    I am from SMP3 and proud to be from SMP3.
  8. I feel this would cause a lot of beggars to flock to that SMP.
  9. I'm not convinced that would be a problem. People wouldn't need to beg as the possibilities for generating rupees would increase as a result of the competition. Also begging is against the rules, punishable by a week in the stockades.
  10. *confused*
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  11. And things like drinking and driving, illegal drugs and stealing is also illegal in the real world, but does it still happen? Yes.
  12. One way of doing this could be:

    a server's rupee count = sum of the rupee counts of all players whose first residence is on that server

    in which case, it might not be impossible, practically speaking.

    In terms of the usefulness of the feature, I'd question it.
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  13. Have you ever been a supporter? I get like 15 people an hour asking for money. Its not fun.
  14. It one of the rules that states you can't beg :p
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  15. I am just wondering why anyone would want to know that information. Even if you were a master of the economy and the whole supply and demand thing, I don't think knowing the total rupee pool of the server would do anything. Also, people play on multiple servers; Such as myself who plays on mostly all of them and spends money on several servers because I am finding the best deals. So rupees would be exchanged from server to server. One last thing is that people who own shops and are trying to keep them stocked already have tons of competition with not only other shops on that server, but shops on other servers as well. :)
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  16. I do not agree; very few people would use it. And, if it promoted any kind of "competition" I really don't want to see a server v. server war...
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  17. I really like a part of this concept where servers compete against one another, as at the present there really isn't any sort of competition model and some friendly competition would be cool to encourage team participation and something to be a part of besides your own shop or a tiny wilderness settlement.

    Perhaps a slightly different sort of competition would be great. It could still involve rupees, but should ideally have something to engage people together for a common purpose as well.