Should redstone repair and installation services be allowed?

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What would be your opinion on this?

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No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. Hello there fellow redstone masterminds I think that our knowledge of redstone should allow us our own service company. How it works is people pay us a fee to build or repair a redstone machine but they supply us with the items needed to build or repair the machine. If anyone says yes to my ideas then feel free to leave a comment and staff I want your opinion on this we think that our profession should get us somewhere.
  2. This is just my personal opinion / comment but I wonder what makes you think that this wouldn't be allowed?

    If something isn't regulated then it doesn't automatically mean that its also not allowed. And although my access to the forums is limited right now I can't recall seeing that this kind of thing would be a problem.
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  3. Well I was just wanting the staff's opinion beforehand so I don't get into trouble.
  4. Also others should be allowed to give their opinions too.
  5. I am not staff, but know my way around. So: use PM's (conversations) to settle the deal. That allows your clients to bring in (invite) a mod if things go wrong (protecting your customers interests).

    The major big no no's on EMC are loans and banks. This isn't either of those. SO I am quite sure that you're good to go. Basically this is no different from "Pay me and i build you a house", which is also allowed.

    SO I can make a very educated comment: you're good.
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  6. Is there anything particular about your idea that might get you into trouble?

    Running a service as you intend to, what kind of trouble is most likely to happen?
  7. Well it does require that people give us a build flag which is a possibility for someone griefing.
  8. Yes, the redstone, build (and sometimes use) flags would need to be given to a person in order to create/fix this redstone. ALTHOUGH, these flags are let alone based on a trust system that whoever may be given them will not grief their residence and if so would most likely have the flags removed (sometimes move as well). Staff aren't liable for griefings that happen on a residence given this current trust system that a player wont kill their residence. I personally do redstone work for people all the time, as long as they give me the materials the charge is free =P
  9. Yes exactly!
  10. Only you / someone from your service company.

    What you're asking is if it shall be allowed for players to trust and give permissions to otherwise unknown people who claim that they will provide a service for them on their res - and for those service providers - if it is allowed to ask for and accept being granted permissions.

    It is allowed - although, when the person does it, they will receive a big warning and a request to undo their actions with /res default immediately. So it is - obviously - not recommended. (!)

    This is a big EMC dilemma. To play with other people you need to trust them, but trusting someone can make you vulnerable and trusting wrong people will result in complains. EMC staff hate complains.

    On one side it is a natural, unsolvable problem, so yes, you need to trust others and they need to trust you in order to make almost anything meaningful together.
    On the other side, the EMC staff have that strong aversion to reports and complains. That's why they recommend not to trust other people. (Which is quite sad actually and is a weak point of EMC.)

    Nevertheless, asking here and the fact that it is allowed won't save you from any trouble.

    You want to provide a good service and not to grief. So this side is not the problem unless you have some serious trouble controlling your very self. :)

    But the other side. People giving you permissions and then
    • demanding most unreasonable things from you,
    • complaining about everything,
    • not understanding what you do and why,
    • accusing you of stealing,
    • accusing you that your machine has disturbed their res in some way, made it lag,
    • accusing you that your machine has made their PC lag or even break,
    • not paying for your service,
    • not understanding how to operate the machine you've built and then accusing you of poor work,
    • etc, etc.
    I provide services IRL. It's no different, it is normal, you have to accept it, deal with it, live with it.
    You need to learn to find out early enough what kind of person you have in front of you.

    You can prepare some questions to ask your customers to test their understanding for what they are willing to buy from you, what features it can / should have, how to operate it. If they don't understand much, then you obviously need to be very cautious.

    IRL, if I see that a potential customer has no idea what they actually want to order (they usually repeat that they don't have a clue), then I tell them that they need a person they trust that understands the matter in order to make a contract / place an order.

    Actually, staff isn't liable for any actions that EMC users do or miss to do. Or for anything that happens between EMC users. How could they be?
    This is a widespread misunderstanding on EMC, that the EMC staff would be liable for anything other people do. (And I guess that (former) EMC staff themselves are for the larger part responsible for bringing themselves into that position.)
    Contrary to, say, how a Kindergarten teacher is liable for the kids in their care - the EMC staff is not.
    They can not be - no matter if on residence or anywhere in EMC worlds.
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  11. I wasn't saying that they're liable for everything but residences, I was only picking out residences because that was the topic on hand =)
  12. Well griefers are always the ones that ruin everything.