[Service] Custom Redstone work

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  1. Custom Redstone Work

    Do you have an automatic farm that you want but have no clue how to build? Do you have a cool door that you want installed on your fancy home and no clue how to make it fit? Do you keep running into issues with your machine as you build it? Do you want an absolutely hidden staircase leading into a secret base?

    Look no further!

    I am here to offer my services in custom redstone work. I can make that 2x2, 3x3, or 32x32 seamless door fit, and work, every time. I can make you that farm that will pump out a DC full of steak a day (NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN!). I will brave the dangers and build that farm for your spider/zombie/skele/blaze spawner that you found.

    If you can dream it up, and communicate what you want, I will build it.

    So, I'm sure at this point you are asking yourself, "How do commission you to help me!?" Well, it's easy. Fill out the template below and you can either post it here on this thread, or if you want to keep it a secret, PM it to me!

    And that's it!!! As soon as you get that form to me, I'll get back a quote to you via PM!!! My prices are fair. On average I charge about 1k/hour. I have a good idea of how long 99% of things will take me and will quote you a firm and set price before work is started. Once price is quoted, it will not go up because it took me longer than I thought.
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  4. I'll definitely be using this in the future. I'm not shabby with Redstone, but I'm no expert either :p
  5. No problem! I look forward to working with you!
  6. I deffo need a nice hidden stair case, and do you make casino games?
  7. How long would it take you to build a spider spawned farm with 4 spawners?
  8. How much room does a 32x32 seamless door take up without command_blocks or slime blocks?
  9. I can easily do the staircase. In regards to the casino games? Yea, I don't see why not, a slot machine would be easy with a random number generator.

    Well, Assuming you want all spawners connected, given they are close enough to all activate, probably a day or two.

    To be honest, I have absolutely no clue. I have yet to build one THIS large. I know it's possible. I have a strong idea on how to do it, but I'm not sure how big it would be. I would assume the wiring would be extensive. You would need the spacing for the door, and a place to store all the 1024 blocks when the door is open.
  10. Can you build me a faster PC out of redstone?
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  11. Usually people who ask this question have a hamster on a spinning wheel spinning their comp. So the answer is yes, most likely yes.
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  12. My PC is currently powered by love, My abusive foster family gave it to me.

    I'll look into what redstone things I need done.
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  13. may i see a picture of this seamless staircase?
  14. Alrighty, once I get back home I'll message you :D
  15. I'm looking for some one to do some red stone work on my res