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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Andrewmoose, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. I, Andrewmoose(AKA Adam), Would like to start a redstone team. For a certain price we will make all types of redstone builds for people. For the team you must know how to build redstone builds, from traps to cooked meat farms. Message me if you would like to join. I would love to have this be a big thing
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  2. Great idea! I'll be happy yo join :D
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  3. Thank You this will be the thread where i post jobs and other stuff
  4. I know the somewhat basic things such as cooked meat farms and other farms but not to much else, well automated cobble gens and I know nothing about comparators.

    not to sure if I fit the job.
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  5. xD I am crap at redstone but will this redstone team offer redstone building services? :DD I will pay lots 4 certain machines/contraptions
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  6. Shalom you would work and southpark347 We will be doing builds for people i will share the money with the workers. Send the amount you will pay and what you would like us to build and we will consider it
  7. I'd write "yes" in all capitals, but senior year of high school has hit me, and so I'm unsure of how much "free time" I will have. I will say that I am a redstone nut. I have a few contraptions set up on my second residence, #1183 on smp1 if anyone wants to take a look.

    The "Redstone Bros" name you see at my residence did not come to fruition; I have yet to remove the signs, and I may reform my residence...
  8. I do not mind if you are not available much a helpful hand is liked
  9. Hmm, I'm stormboy231 (AKA love making custom redstone builds and can do ANYTHING!
  10. I'm excellent at redstone... but I wouldn't recommend making traps (depending on the reasoning) as if someone dies from a trap ... that would be against the rule... but if it's a mob trap - and can be used as a grinder of sorts... then yeah sure :3

    I'm more into non-generic redstone....

    Digital clocks, analog clocks, calculators, counters, randomizers, dividers, shop triggers, etc

    I am able to make things like sorters, doors, buds, etc as well but I like more complex things so I can always try to compact it further :3
  11. A tree farm thingy like with the bonemeal n pistons that shoves the trees aside and a auto brewer. Need both designs pretty compact if possible.
  12. I am in the same situation, in 5 days I wont have much free time.
  13. (Try henpenben best redstone guy on smp3, if he still plays :() Also if you want this redstone team to get passed by EMC I would ask kry you never know. (Like doing redstone for EMC's builds)
  14. I will not be on as much starting monday because i have school. Eklek u can join
  15. Just for a test run, I need a cow coooker on my res who can make it. For helping with this you will be paid 150r for each person who helps. You will get more money over time for your jobs once I see you are helpful and good with redstone.